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By Anonymous - 15/04/2016 17:56 - United States - Frisco

Today, I finally had to accept that I have feelings for a very cute and funny guy. It wouldn't be so bad if he weren't my brother. FML
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*looks at state* yep

thatguy240 27

WTF did i just read?


I know it's catchy and all, but it really is best to reject the notion that "incest is wincest".

I suggest you google the term GSA or Genetic Sexual Attraction

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If you are gonna call something bullshit you should explain why you think that otherwise it is literally the most useless comment you could make.

I don't think it's bullshit but I believe it's a phenomenon with adopted children and being reunited with parents/siblings, or vice versa. Something like that.

have you seen starwars #52??

Dont know if its bull or not, but it does seem to predominantly affect adults that meet a relative for the first time as adults. While i cant comment on her (im assuming its a her, i have the special app that dont show me diddly beyond the name) age, i will assume she knew him for most of her life.

Hazel515 22

No thats is so wrong

MikaykayUnicorn 36

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MikaykayUnicorn 36

I'm being down voted for saying you shouldn't be attracted to your own brother, the fuck is wrong with the FML community sometimes?

tarlax 11

You're probably being down-voted because you're being overly dramatic and also attacking the OP for something she clearly already feels bad about. It's not like she chose to be attracted to her brother. You don't even have to show sympathy, but there's no need to go on the offensive about that or about people daring to down-vote you for reasons you can't possibly know for sure.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

This is going to sound like a total cop-out to make myself sound better, but I'm super bipolar. (Someone is going to get offended, yes I am actually bipolar, don't get your panties in a twist) I was having a moment. I totally realize it was over dramatic now that I have relaxed. I deserve down votes for being a prick. But also, having romantic feelings for your family is still weird.

thatguy240 27

WTF did i just read?

I said the SAME thing. Out loud.

sgdigaetano 3

I agree with you. WTF, why on earth would anyone ever think like that, never mind post it on a public forum. Yuck, just yuck!!

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Just don't act on it and you'll be fine.

*looks at state* yep

Misskreher 30

stupid question, but what's the state (the Andriod layout doesn't show it)

tantanpanda 26

I swear, not every southern state is gung-ho on incest. Joke or not, it gets kind of annoying.

ispymach 3

Texas is the last of the southern states to bear that stereotype. More like Arkansas and Alabama.

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ABlindMan 17

I believe West Virginia has the highest rate of first cousin marriages, and that's in the north do.

91--how? From my understanding, the only state that allows first cousin marriage (without restrictions; 6 states allow with restrictions, West Virginia is not one) is North Carolina. So I would think that state, or a state with restrictions would have the highest.

I live in Texas, and I've never heard of that, or seen it here. Not really a stereotype of Texas.

Think about how big these states are, the number of cases of incest must be tiny proportion.

Thank you. I too am tired of people thinking that southern states are ok with it. Here in Texas we actually lock people up for incest

Seriously???? Texas is all the way south and we are in Central. If you would please look at a map we are nowhere west. Thank you

JocieM 9

Um I live in Texas and have never met anyone who thought any kind of incest was okay. Cousin relationships aren't even legal here like in some other states... so this comment makes no sense.

Listen here, fuckboy

Yeah I live in Texas, this is not a problem here. Yeah we have some ass backwards laws and "traditions" but that's just rude. All my friends have siblings and I can honestly say they have no attraction to them, heck some of them can't stand their siblings.

psychopolarbear 28

I live in Alabama and we actively make fun of this stereotype because we find it just as disgusting as everyone else :/

Seriously it does?

#153 has the slippery slope argument ever actually been right? It's been wrong with marrying black people, gay people marrying, and communism.

176- apparently not all of you

The southwest is in the south dumbass

#90 how? Have you ever looked at a map?? Texas is literally in the middle of the southern section

MikaykayUnicorn 36

90, are you fucking stupid? Have you ever seen a map? It's literally the most south you can get. Even if it was "south west," which its not, it would still be in the god damn south.

You are too stupid to even insult

RaggedClown 11

Maybe a dumb question, but how do you see where the poster is located? I haven't been able to figure it out since they changed the app a bit. I can see commenter locations by clicking their profile picture, but I don't see that posters have one...

ha ha ha hun it's still south...

Hi I live in Texas. I believe I've been told that while we are literally one of the most southward states, along with Florida and such, Texas doesn't really belong in the "Deep South" category, even though geographically it is more south than some of those states. Texas sometimes even counts as central for some reason.

That was the first thing I checked

You might want to revisit the map. Yes Texas is somewhat central in the U.S but the majority of the area Texas covers is to the west. The size of Texas is what makes it confusing to some. Have you ever heard a Texan from Odessa reference Odessa as being west Texas?

southwest would be like new mexico...Texas is literally smack dab in the middle of the south

Thank you I'm from Texas and jokes like that really get old. Just because there is someone that likes their brother doesn't mean that everyone in Texas are like that. Just cause we're from the south doesn't make us all cousin fuckers.

Please tell me you're not blood-related.

The thing you're talking about is called the Westermarck effect and its an extremely debated topic. The idea is if you're raised as siblings you'll develop a complete disinterest in them sexually. Some scientists think it's mostly society that dissuades people from being (and admitting to) sexual attraction to their families.

I think you're taking the term sisterly love too far...

I wish I could unread this