By remembertoday - 17/02/2016 03:12 - United States - Buffalo

Today, I braved a snowstorm to go into work. An hour later, my boss texted me that they were closing. I was stuck on the road, unable to go home for another 2 hours. FML
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remembertoday tells us more.

My boss didn't really have any control over it. When the CEO got in to work and saw how bad it was he decided to close for the first time in the 8 years I have worked there. The city didn't even issue a travel advisory for another 30 minutes after our office was closed.

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Snow way you could've known

in Canada, you are the snowstorm


Hope you were okay when you got home OP!!

Steve97 32

Should've called ahead or called sick :p

Sounds like my city. The plows could not keep up with the massive snowfall. Glad you're safe though.

I'm glad you made it home safely! Mother nature has been quite bipolar as of late.

You know what they say: timing is everything.

"I didn't bring a pen" Manny.

liquifiednate 21

Lol his FML never showed that he did a good deed though.

At least you have the dedication!