By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I accidentally moaned my own name during sex. FML
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Oh na na what's my name

That awkward moment when...


That awkward moment when...

when your not funny?

Hey #14 I just wanted to say "Nicely played sir" rofl...

I bet OP is glad his or her name is both male and female.

Doesn't matter had sex.

like a boss!

This takes narcissism to a whole new level...

Just laugh it off hopefully???

...memes are overused?

Is your name Jesus? If so it will sound perfectly normal.

Says the one with an arrow to the knee joke in his description. Smh

You must be good then?..

The outcome of excessive masturbation?

How does that even happen...?

Narcissism taken to the extreme, one step away from watching porn of yourself to get off. :p

"I like turtles." Now there's an epic awkward moment...

I live in edmonton too :D

narcissistic much?

Sex with who, your hand?

Oh na na what's my name

2, nice pic. But I wish I could read it.

Ragglefrock though I'm sure that's only an alias but then again, you never know. My best friend's real name is Fool so I wouldn't judge you if that did turn out to be your name.

Muzy.... Really? Lmao.

ya rly alyspar 2

Ragglefrock II. I killed the first one :)

I'm sexy and I know it!

Wrong song, my friend.

It's healthy to love yourself.

Yeah, it wasn't like his right hand was ever going to call out his name

A bit vain don't you think?

Lol the ad at the bottom of my screen was for a psychiatrist

Yeah and mine is for a game about a crocodile. Not too funny.

Ha! Fuck you guys! My ad says I've won $1000 walmart gift card!

Ha! Well suck it! Mine says "null". Bitch!

Well Mine Says I Can Turn My iPod Into A Cell Phone !

haha what is with all of these XD

Mine is giving me trusted relief for colds!

Lol mine says I can save 75% at 165000 hotels

Hopefully your partner was a good sport about it... I would've laughed pretty hard. FYL, I guess.

what good can possibly come from worshipping satan?

Wtf. Dont worship satan. Follow jesus. If you need help to stop worshipping go to your local church and pray to the angels.

Smfh you are nothing but a follower.

The great floating spaghetti monster provides carbs and meatballs for all. All hail the one true god!

Have you been touched by his noodly appendages?

At least it wasn't someone else's name :)

It could have been someone with the same name. The OP coulda been one of them homer-sexuals, or had a unisex name like, say, Pat, for instance.

Actually, it wasn't.

Doesn't matter, had sex.

Yess!! iFunny

Sure, you did, Pat.

..rick Bateman?

No, he actually has a fetish for Donald Duck.

Hey OP what could possibly be so embarrassing about that? Whenever I'm getting it on with my gf she always says my name and I always say my own name, 'cause I love me too! What's wrong with that?

You should probably pop that big-ass ego of yours before someone else does it for you. Just a tip, trying to save you from a black eye.

O yes Brittany!

You guys didn't get 166. They're referring to a famous FML.

Sex with yourself isn't really sex.

a-sexual reproduction (attempt)

It's not? Bet your body believes it is. :)

or as they call it "go f*ck yurself"!

Close enough.

I am fucking in love with Joe Walker. Your pic just made me excited.

What did ur partner say?

"Did u just tell me your name? That's too much to commit to... I am not looking for a seriously relationship...."

Autophile much?

OP loves cars too.

Great to know that you all know your greek etymology. -_-