By mind your own business - 05/10/2017 06:00 - United Kingdom - Leeds

Today, at the doctor's, I dropped my pants and the attractive nurse assured me it was the biggest one she had ever seen. Unfortunately, she wasn't referring to my penis, she was, in fact referring to the huge haemorrhoid hanging out of my asshole. FML
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Dammit, where's my eye bleach?

Biggest hemorrhoid ever? No ifs, ands or butts?


derpina72 23

I wasn't even aware hemorrhoids could "hang out" of buttholes. :0

Check google for prolapsed haemorrhoids. On second thought, don't unless you have brain bleach handy. Some things are best left unseen...

ChiefKoala 30

Oh yes my friend. I've volunteered in plenty of doctors offices and hospitals. Unfortunately, giant hemorrhoids aren't the worst thing I've seen before. In fact they're perhaps one of the best. And yes, they can in fact hang out of your asshole. That's why some people have issues sitting down. Another reason I've seen is because they went a little too rough in the bedroom, but that's beside the point.

FalloutScrolls 25

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Eww... I want to erase that gross image of my mind.

Definitely need some brain bleach to get over that one. Whoa.

Koizumiii 23

Why is there a chili pepper on the top?

shanewh40 15

It means not safe for work. That's fml's category

Hot, not NSFW.

now that's something I wish I never imagined

that one made me shiver..hope you get well OP

She'll just snuggle it tight with a zip tie.... Should fall off in a few days.... Lmao...sorry OP sounds like a real pain in the ass

The sounds I made we're inhumane.