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Today, after several hours of trying to get my triplet daughters to go to bed, they finally fell asleep. Exhausted, I went to the bathroom so I could go to bed. Not thinking about it, I dropped the toilet seat down rather loudly and flushed the toilet. All three girls woke up crying. FML
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you were a condom? was this in a past life?

Oof, that's rough! Have you tried just letting them cry it out and fall asleep? I promise it won't give them abandonment issues. If you've checked everything--fed, dry, safe/healthy, and comfortable--then they should be okay to just cry until they sleep. Just be sure to check on them ninja-style periodically.


you were a condom? was this in a past life?

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nobody replied to #1 to get on top? I WIIIILLLL! that sucks OP get a babysitter and go to olive garden, treat yourself to a niiiice dinner :)

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8 is win and pretty :) I'm probably gonna get flames for saying that though.

I'll do that also #2!! Let's piss everyone off!! Anyways OP that sucks where is the father of the babies? I'm sure he could help out a bit instead of letting you do all the work. Also Olive Garden sucks!! :O

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7 - I'm pretty sure they did IVF to have triplets. Condoms would have done nothing to prevent this blissful moment OP had..

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Put a third of a shot of whiskey in their baby bottles. That ought to do the trick.

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@20 triplets can easily occur naturally too.

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Yeah I know, twins run in my family. But just pointing out that some people choose to have babies by the dozen.

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13, the girl in 8's picture is pretty... but you never know if the person behind the picture is actually a sexually confused middle-aged man getting over-excited by the attention you just gave him. But if you are a girl 8, and that happens to be your real photo, my apologies for a bad assumption.

haha it is me, but it's true and scary that you can never tell. That's why I refuse to meet people online.

A lot of the time fathers have to sleep in order to go to work, think how much diapers and formula have to be costing... Or OP's nanny daddy could be military, ugh imagine triplet girls all your responsibility for a whole deployment...

ROFL @ 34 it's true though. there's alot of weirdos out there  anyways...yea #8 u do look good...outfit confused me a bit (take the time to really look at it. it looks like it's two halfs of other shirts n jackets) idk but I like it dw 

cant live without them, cant stand them either huh :)

43, it is a strait jacket Halloween costume I got a Spencers. So technically you really can say it is half jacket and half shirt, with a whole lot of buckles and straps. I love that costume. I was so excited when I found it, I thought I was going to have to order it online.

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38, haha online dating sites are a completely different story. People are more reliable on those things because the only person they would be embarassing is themselves if he/she pretends to be a he-she. On FML on the other hand... people just run ****-first into the comments telling anything with a pair of **** that they're "beautiful". 39, I'm thinking of joining the military. Special forces for 2 years to deployment from US as a navy SEAL to be exact. I'm sure daddy gets to visit his family on leave. Which is exactly why I want to join a spec ops forces like the seals... they get longer leaves, and to nice places, like Hawaii :)

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Lmfao! OP = fail, 8 = smartass win

71 has DSLs. too bad we aren't more like china, op would be able to send two of them down the river.

#8 you hat doesn't happen to say "Bellevue" does it? as in Bellevue, Wash.? just wondering.

you also stand a higher chance of getting shot... fafp

thats funny, because it only took me 15 minutes to get your triplet daughters in bed.

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Congratulations on having triplets. You now have a few options on how to proceed. 1: Hire what will probably be a ridiculously expensive nanny so that you can get just barely enough sleep to live. 2: Adoption. 3: Suicide. 4: Divorce and try to shove the 'joy' of custody onto your newly ex-partner. Please take a few moments to choose... now.

I love u #8, ur ******* brilliant. btw, op is a loser, and her life sucks ass.

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how do we know this is a woman? I mean in most cases it would be but the op said he dropped the toilet seat... a woman doesn't raise the toilet seat, unless this person meant toilet lid it's probably a guy.... but that's just me

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damn I'd kill them lol not really but I'd be really pissed

98, it does say bellevue as in the insane asylum. (halloween costume)


I am a triplet also and it can get anoying.

ahh, that's ok! it does rather suck.. but I'm sure you're a great parent! and that's what counts :)

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You didn't know things like that would happen before you decided to have kids? Time to start thinking about what you're doing if you're waking them up.

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Just go outside. Nature is humankinds wastebasket. Just look at the Gulf...

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why would op go outside? I thought she was ready for bed....

This happened to me tonight. Except I only have one daughter. I moderated this fml woot!

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Hahahahaha I'm happy my sisters baby can sleep through loud noises (:

kids are such a hassle when they are very young, but