By Anonymous - / Tuesday 23 May 2017 15:00 / United States - Dallas
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By  Sparx1_1  |  16

He probably bullied someone onto giving him that price yesterday and now wants that price every day. Some people will do anything to save a dollar and think nothing of treating you like crap to get it.

By  CassyM  |  6

Refuse service to anyone who treats you that way. I bet your boss would tell you that you do not have to deal with swearing customers. Sorry that happened OP. People suck sometimes.

By  Exaspera  |  53

"The customer is always right." Is a motto for a long-gone department store here in the US. Why people who can't remember shit, but continue to rely on this motto, is beyond me.

I've worked in retail/sales for about 10 year. This is someone who thinks that if they're aggressive and pissed off enough you'll just give in and give them what they want, even when it's an outright lie. It usually works at big box stores because they can afford to lose the money every now and then, so people think they can do it anywhere. These kinds of people are also horrible human beings. Basically they think they can yell at the worker until they're allowed to steal from the store.

By  Namenlos_fml  |  20

When a customer tells me to shut up, I usually just stare blankly and don't say anything. When they realize I'm not responding and ask why, I remind them that they told me to shut up. They either get angrier, at which point I refer them to my supervisor, or they tone it down, because they're either confused or they realize how much of a dick they're being.

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