By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Canada - Surrey

Today, I got pulled into a conversation about my 62 year-old boss's new breast implants. FML
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MetalxSoldier 26

Tell your boss (if she has a wack boob job), "excuse me but we couldn't help noticing that your boobs have fallen and can't get up. Do they need Life Alert?"

beccaishereyay 11

You should definitely look lol. Probably the only understandable chance your gonna get to sneak a peak. ;) probably look good after the boob job. Just don't look at her face haha

I say good on her, you should ask for a look! Before everyone says gross if she paid for a boob job chances are they'll be looking good... Trust me you don't spend 12k for nothing!

Shoot, sorry 40 only skimmed your comment when I read it. Great minds think alike. :)

Inheritance 10

Question. Are they big and firm? Or old and saggy?

^ big and firm because of the implants! duh their new boobs on an old body!

Inheritance 10

96, I had a woman do that to me when I went for a spray tan once, she looked like the lady from There's Something about Mary!

We can all guess what OP's next step on the corporate ladder will be...

desireev 17

Ugh.. I hate 'awks'! Whoever decided to start saying that and influencing people to say it needs to be high-fived... In the face... With a chair...

19 - i agree...i think the word awkward in general is annoying

MetalxSoldier 26

Number 2's IQ has fallen and it can't get up! It needs Life Alert!

KM96 24

Okay - I change my sentence then ... "that must have been a strange conversation."

PLEASE change your ID pic. Seriously, I cannot read your comment without wanting to thumb it down.

Of course cold likes it, didn't u see his profile pic

Mhmmm nips, who doesnt love a hard nip in their mouth.......the candies I mean.

When their that sagged you need to think, my life sucks.

Sadly 64 there's a thing called gravity which catches up to top heavy women quite quickly. Having large **** that sag a bit doesn't make your life suck. Just means you need a better bra.

Hey before we pull out the giggitys... How do they look?

TheElderTROLLZ 15

They look like a 20 year-old's ****! No, but still, there's a possibility...

LunaDragon 10

Haha, if only Op had stated if it was his or her boss, it'd be much funnier if Op's boss was a guy.

Hardy har har! Texas humour right there! Yeee haw!

saying his or her boss still wouldn't tell us the sex of his or her boss

TheCaterpiller 6

If OP said that it was his boss, this would only tell the gender of OP, genius.

"Hey, so you guys might think this sounds crazy but bear with me..has anyone else become weirdly attracted to our 60 year old boss in the past few days?"

8- No, but He's never really done it for me before, so..... :P

Doesn't matter how much silicone you pump under in there, she's still a wrinkly 62 year old.

yea but now she has bigger ( . Y . ) boobs

FMLshark 12

^^^ thank you, we needed the cute little visual aid.

welcome, thanks for labelling your photo without it I would of never known what it was of. (:

11- there are some really young looking 60yr olds without any plastic surgery. I'm still rather young and 60 year olds aren't my thing, but many age rather gracefully....many do not.

Everybody likes to talk about boobies, it's always fun and informational