The spirit world

By ElixirRose - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I killed a centipede. Now every little itch I feel, I think it's the centipede's spirit coming back to haunt me. FML
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Centipede ghosts are pretty ****** scary.

paranoid much?


paranoid much?

Just a little bit.

Ryan0510 0

Dont let it stick its head in your butt >:/

ienjoithinqs 0

guess you have to call Ghost Busters

Haha, well you kinda deserved it.

I would be paranoid too, those things are nasty. And after watching human centipede... Just, no.

You could have placed the centipede outside where they belong. Then you wouldn't be haunted :)

juicedboi 7

I can see it now. Final Destination IX, Revenge of the Centipede. Followed by The Girl Who Picked The Sunburnt Skin. Next in the "The Girl Who" series.

I mean it's just a centipede its not like it'll kill you if it haunts you.

This is a terrible FML. Almost as bad as the cat-penguin in the mountain one...

It shall destroy everything you own.

Jakaroo 0

-38 LOL

shutup_matt 5

30- how did he deserve it? there's nothing wrong with killing a centipede

How about the all time favorite: "The Boy Who Pissed On the Hornet's Nest" black and yellow black and yellow

Ahh that movie literally scarred me for life!!

Human centipede o:

the centipede is a SPY

tjv3 10

please don't breed


he's just on the shrooms there never was any centipede.

So what, if it is haunting you, you can laugh because it sounds like Chip n' Dale.

I think we need to make a little call to Ghostbusters.

I don't recall centipedes having spirits

ienjoithinqs 0

every living thing has a spirit/soul -_--

^now this is gonna become one of those religious disputes oh here we go

Max24KB 0

when did anyone talk about religion dumb ****?

QwertyMcNugget 0

Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

blondebrunette11 4

call a therapist. this is serious.

cheeseburger9418 3

over reacting

Centipede ghosts are pretty ****** scary.

Symmetry88 0

this comment is a win!

You shouldn't **** with centipedes.

or else centipedes will **** with you

-2 Don't worry, revenge is a dish best serve in spirit form haunting those idiots that killed you.

what the **** is his problem

nilin95 1

dude it's a bugs soul don't be a whimp you killed it once you can do it again.

that's horrible. ew ):

its family is coming to settle the score

green_eggs_and_h 0

You're guilty and you know it!

We now sentence the OP to 50 years in prison

Maybe next time you'll let it outside instead of killing it?

So OP wont feel haunted?

TBMFan 0

Let Him Kill It ; It Has Nothing To Live For >.

WillDaBeast83 0

what's the good in that?

how d'ya know he stepped on him? he could have had an epic kung fu sword fight or something...

Nothing to live for? So if you magically turned into a bug, your wish would be to be squashed?

ChuckNorris141 0

I agree with 65, why would you? That takes so much unneeded time and effort

ebwaef 0

Haha u must live a miserable life . What do you have to live for?

That's freaky...

RabidBunny 10

Your conscience is speaking to you, manifesting itself in the form of the centipede's spirit...good luck

jellitonoctopus 19

wise words.

i agree cause it didnt make much sense to me

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thrAsHeRr9081 16

I love how people just throw this word around withou! knowing what it really means. It's my favorite!

I concur. isn't karma really the idea that everything you do affects the entire universe?