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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, on my Facebook, the stripper my ex-husband cheated on me with showed up in the "People You May Know" box. FML
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Hey! At least Facebook was right! You DO know her!

Good thing it's 'ex' husband.


Good thing it's 'ex' husband.

I would guess that is why he's the ex so I don't know why it's a 'good thing'

Random Fact: 8 your username is true. Geeks are, in fact, sexy.

ask her for a lap dance

because you didn't unfriend him

you should add her and be friends and live happily ever after! :)

I have had that happen with a guy. and I hate seeing it. it happens every time I check my facebook.

32- The sad thing is you're probably right. A person's facebook friend-count is their social life today. 42- Is that all you ever say?

hahahha wow so ur friends still with ur ex

i agree. id chop both their heads off and hang them somewhere. jk.

You can make mistakes you are good looking

113- how would she accept if the stripper didn't add her as a friend? pay attention.

46 I take it your gay then? cause your profile pic shows you as a guy?

what does it matter if he's gay? sheesh

because queers go to hell

was the stripper named diamond?

That really sucks. :(

wow. FYL. i feel for ya....

oh wow lol. that's really bad for u but still funny.

Why would people dislike this comment? I literally laughed out loud. I mean it really does suck that a stupid tramp is going to show up on her facebook page, but you gotta love the irony. It's pretty much the whole point of FML...

Send her a message just saying "I'm coming for you."

or poke her (:

Or a ten foot pole.

Her husband's coming for her too.

141, I see what you did there

Umm except her husband already poked her = / haha

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Her husband cheated on her with a stripper and now he is her ex husband and the stripper was a suggested friend she should add.

oooh , haha thanks... I feel dumb now.

Yeah, you probably should. Holy fuck. ;_;

uhmmm calm down... I just didn't read it properly ? everyone makes mistakes, no need to swear.

its ok everyone makes mistakes i dont know why so many people gave you a thumbs down

lol come to the rescue of a stupid blonde girl that can't read. so cliche

stereotypes , only smart and witty people use them -.-

I hope you're acting that way because you think it's cute, not because you genuinely do 't understand the question, because that would be extremely depressing.

actually , I'm "acting this way" for neither of those reasons. I didn't understand this FML at first because I didn't read it properly and I just couldn't comprehend it considering the way it was written. So honestly , you people need to stop bagging on me. it was an honest mistake.

She's using "big girl words" guys, atleast she knows how to spell.

Oh hey look my comment finally posted :D

114- was that meant to be an insult ?

I'm not even sure. Take it as you want.

how in the world is this confusing? idk what planet you are living on, but it made perfectly good sense to me and just about 99.9% of us. i take it that you are really young or just that dumb.

Get off her back. Seriously, your life is pathetic if you have to cut someone down that you've never even met on a website. What are we in high school? Grow the fuck up.

She's friends with your husband and all your brothers

strippers are people too.

You're a hot stripper too btw.

is it cheating if its a stripper though?

I dunno, maybe not. It's kind of like a blow-up doll, innit?

yeah, but any person that would be the "other woman" is a disgusting waste of air. the fact that she's a stripper makes it that much worse

unless she didn't know she was the other woman..

FYL that must make you feel bad..

well duh its an FML you're. not dude don't lie.