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haha I like her

stop complaining op, maybe she's pmsing, or she's going through medapause

You heard the old lady

103- It's *menopause

MY GRANDMA DID THE SAME THING XD..... But she doesn't use words -_- she pulled out a big stick outta no where and whacked me shouting at me to not touch her pickles 0_0 then laughed at me and steped outta the way so I can help JUST TO WHACK ME AGAIN SAYIN SHES NOT HELPLESS AND TO GET THE F*** OUTTA THE KITCHEN 0_0 u tell me which ones worse XD but I love her. She's cool she WENT DOWN MY STREET which is actually a lil hill ON A DAM TRICYCAL 0_0 if that's how u spell it. W.E. Bottom line ur life isn't fucked it's only amusing XD

that's what people get for helping.

haha your grandmas awesome !!!

If there was already a woman in the kitchen, you should've been cleaning the rest of the house. Know your place, bitch.

me and your grandma.. we can be special together.. (: ! and is that even an issue? I'd love it if my grandma fucked me off from dishes, get work off your back!

hahahaha. that's halarious.

Given your nickname, I'd guess your grandma has seen you bump, set and spike enough of her fine china to even let you near the sink.

Your grandma rules, you on the other hand suck.