Some things never change…

By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Fresno

Today, I walked into my house with my friend, only to discover my husband, half-naked, and yelling at the TV screen while watching a soccer game. By half-naked, I mean he was only wearing a shirt. FML
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You've got to air out your crotch every now and then, why not do it watching an intense game of football.

unknown_user5566 26

You mean tearing off my clothing in a fit of rage whilst watching sports ISN'T normal? I guess that explains all the strange looks at my local bar, then.


Yeah, it probably was awkward, but only barely.

HairyPunisher 27

hey people don't be rude hes probably new here (and I doubt anyone knew what every acronym ment the first couple of weeks they were on FML

84- no one was rude to the person who asked, it is common for people to just try and make funny ways for it to be interpreted differently and see how silly/creative/genius some people can be. And then there was some meanness being pointed toward the person that made a terrible attempt at this...and YDI means Yoda drinks iodine, everybody knows that! Why did you think he talked so funny?

You've got to air out your crotch every now and then, why not do it watching an intense game of football.

U_GotitDude 18

What the hell is wrong with your husband?!?! Watching soccer?!?! Really!?!!

72 actually the us the only state that reffers to football as soccer

ByronJess 17

85, since when is the U.S. a single state? Last I checked we are a country.

ah 91 you see i was waiting for this comment but you see a state is an idependantly governed sovern nation ie secritary of state (not secritary of country or secritary of nation or secritary of states) the uk is a state canada is a state china is a state and even the united states is a state altho the reason that our state is called the united states of america is that it was orriganally a confederacy (ie articles of confederation) and states in a confederacy are sovern over the central government (meaning they have more power than the central government) if i were to reffer to the united states as a country i would be describing only the 48 contenental states (because a country is defined as a specific area) or a nation would be to confusing (considering a nation is describing an ethnic background and the us is a mealting pot of ethnicities) the proper term to describe the us is a state

I have always found the term nation-state appropriate.

Really 92 you felt it necessary to purposely change a word just for the satisfaction of writing an essay to prove someone wrong?

no I just don't like being corrected when I'm right

I am from Canada and we call it soccer...

vic55jets 13

And 92, I was just waiting for you to comeback with a Wikipedia like definition that's no one gives a crap about.

Marrach 7

85- Country. The United States is a country.

spekledworf 18

So the unity of multiple states is actually a single state? Today, I have been mindfucked.

SeepingSarcasm 7

@ #85, but you are wrong, the US is not the only country that refers to it as in SA we do as well. Our national tournament is even called the Premier Soccer League.

E85 - Your wrong, Australia, New Zealand and other southern country's Also call it soccer

bonsaiboy26 1

92 is correct. A little off the subject, nonetheless correct. And 106 your correct by terms of the regular daily term accepted in today's society.

103 - that's because we live next to the USA. We have a lot if their stuff up here. Unfortunately.

92 - independently* sovereign* secretary* although* originally* refer* continental* melting* umpteen ,'s and .'s.

Alwayspullout 7

It all boils down to 92 being a huge tool. (btw, secritary??)

I don't like this stereotype. It's like "don't mess with women and their shopping!"

Should've joined him for some quality bonding time.

unknown_user5566 26

Send the friend home first, THEN enjoy some quality bonding time.

63- That's a false equivalency, more does not equal merry. If there were 2000 people in that room, would they be celebrating? No, they'd be suffocating.

I am so sorry for you... And your friend! FYL!

He really made an ass out of OP in front of her guest! It must be once in a pink moon that you bring an acquaintance round only for this to happen. I hope he didn't give you any cheek, otherwise this would be too much to bare. He's got to be nuts! You've got to be bananas! He must really be adickted to football, he really enjoys those penile-ty kicks!

Pleonasm, I would accuse you of trying too hard, if I wasn't currently racked with laughter. Carry on.

I'd crack a few other puns, but I just can't seem to find a good opening.

PoopNuggetLeader 4

PoopNuggetLeader: did you really create an account to say that? If so, you really do not have a life, and I feel bad for you.

I would join in on the penis puns... but it's to hard and I would probably just be making an ass of myself

He lost his comment virginity for that comment. That's like loosing your virginity to a homeless man. What a waste.

I'd be mad if my friend saw my husband without pants or underwear on, and liked what they saw, that could easily lead to an affair, or her seducing him.

If you can't trust your friends or your husband, I feel really sorry for you. No penis is that perfect that someone would ruin a friendship to get their hands on it, and if your husband is that easy that he'd just go around sleeping with your friends, why are you even together?

unknown_user5566 26

55- I think #49 overreacted a bit with the "affair" scenario, but I wouldn't be comfortable with my friends seeing my husband's genitals either. It's less about trust, more about that area being meant for my eyes only.

Yup. Soccer can get pretty intense. Especially female soccer games

For goodness sake! First the microwave, now the TV? Get your act together man! What is your fetish for elctronics? I'm positive that there's a spark between you.

unknown_user5566 26

45- That was clearly a simple typo, I'm sure Pleonasm knows how to spell "electronics".

hey at least he's not going to some remote hotel to **** a ****