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By Juliet - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - United States - Inglewood

Today, my Romeo and Juliet style relationship hit an all time low when my boyfriend's parents filed a lawsuit against my parents. FML
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I hope it doesn't end the same way Romeo and Juliet did.

Damn those Capulets!!! Bite your thumb at them!


conholio33 28

I am so sorry OP, i hope everything works out

Dr0reos 8

Yeah well up until OPs boyfriend murders her cousin and they're forced to off themselves

I'm actually very curious to know how they're okay with y'all dating when they hate each other so much...

They most likely aren't and probably don't know that they are

bfsd42 20

53, did you understand the Romeo and Juliet style relationship part of the fml. If not, read it.

I hope it doesn't end the same way Romeo and Juliet did.

As long as they stay away from poison, knives, mausoleums and the city guard, they'll be fine, probably. History does have a tendency to repeat itself though.

History might but Shakespeare rarely does.

For there was never a tale of more woe, then that of Juliet and her Romeo

ElementaryEdGuy 18

I hate when people are like "I want a relationship like Romeo and Juliet!" I'm like "Really? You want a three day relationship that ends in the death of you, your partner, and four other people?"

That'd be the best three days ever!

Could do with some more Infomation here Op.

Damn those Capulets!!! Bite your thumb at them!

you dare bite your thumb at me, you dirty Montague?

I mean Montagues!!! Crap! Shakespeare is confusing.

but not at you sir

Now I can't help thinking that the thumbs up that we're giving comments look as if they're in the position of about to be "bitten at someone". So am I supposed to thumb you all up or down?!

My naked weapon is out!

Please put the thumbtack away, Sir.

KiddNYC1O 20

Do you quarrel, sir?!

If you have a "Romeo and Juliet" relationship, that means she's 13 and you are 16. So, you know, I cannot really blame them.

Except she's the girl. Or it could mean their families hate each other. Ah, young love.

R+J Style was used, way to pick on one point, could just be two rival families; as implied by the FML...

seansbro56 10

*17 romeo was 17

As long as you don't end dramatically like Romeo & Juliet, I sympathize with your predicament. Just keep your relationship separate from family.

Wow. FYL OP. I mean there must've been a reason for your boyfriends parents to do that . Maybe y'all need to sit down and talk about it. If not fight to the death!!!

Considering how R&J ended, going to the death may not be the best idea...

KyraJFoxx 14

I don't get how she "deserves" this , it aeems kind of harsh :s I hope this doesn't affect your relationship too negatively OP ! Sorry you guys have to go through that

a family that sues eachother...

..screws each other

Two houses, both alike in dignity...

In fair California, where we lay our scene.

UnluckyGenius 21

I won't have to bother reading the book if I hear of double suicide on the news.