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By fml - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my mom tried to diagnose my sickness with advice she'd gotten from a dog magazine. FML
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youre her other bitch :)


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Hey, dogs are people too!

Haha watch out, you'll get people hatin' too, they don't like being compared to their 'best friends'.

People keep thumbing everyones comments down

Wtf. Sneaky G, how did you get in there?!?!

What a bitch!!

You guys are on a fucking roll, keep it up!

This is a good time to make a thumbs down song. I'll start. Every day people go On FML and say "hello" To people with some effed up lives One, two, three four five Thumbs down Five, six, seven eight Thumbs down

they say that dogs and humans aren't alike but who are we to put up a fight? on a website where people put up their f'd up lives someone finish this song tonight..

I thumbs down people who ain't got no friends This should be over son I'm bored now this song is done

This song ain't done son it's got all night to be thumbed. Bitches thumb you down and it's only because your sarcasm makes them frownnnn (insert chorus)

I know some foolproof ways to get thumbs down. so FIRST of all. *ahem* C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! OMG I Moderated Dis!!! DocBastard is gey. OMG 1 Ur so Hawt!

That was legit. ^

Well aren't you a genius...

You're totally right. That's why I have a tail and eat poop.

mls about: Head shoulders knees and toes always getting broken bro. 1 2 3 4, that bitch is a hoe. 5 6 7 8 that girl was just called a female bitch. 9 10 11 12 fuck this rap, it's all I got anyways.

Are you a dog?

youre her other bitch :)

Does anyone else notice 90% of the comments are thumbed down?

Somebody is trollin'.

Well, it must be multiple people, or just someone who has no life and created multiple accounts to thumb down the comments so many times...

damn trolls are pa-trolling and riding dirty.

I guess she doesn't deserve that "Best Mom Ever!" coffee mug, huh?

no, most likely not.

I hate people who pretend they're fictional characters on FML. Oh, look! There's one now!

Oh yes!

Ohh Yea!!!!!!

Saltine...this from someone whom says he fell from the sky! Get over yourself *smiley faaaaaaaaace

28- Maybe people take on a character account to escape reality. Maybe they're bored. Anyway, the reason doesn't really matter, because they aren't hurting you, they aren't infringing upon any of the freedoms that you enjoy daily, so just give their comment a thumb and read on. It's really very simple.

28- You mad bro? Don't be hating on Bruce man, he's frickin epic.

I was being sarcastic. But yeah, that was a dick move on my part. I'm sorry.

96 apology accepted and thank you everyone else:)

Apologies!? On the INTERNET!? BLASPHEMY I SAY.

Blasphemy you say?! THIS IS FML!!!(kicks into the pit of death.)

House style! sounds crazy...but might just work

Lol!!!! XD I got that!! (now, given people thumbed this down, I feel special ^_^)

No. it's meow. get it right.

Do I look like a cat to you boy?

mooo I'm a fish!

It's my unbirthday (before you thumb this down, may I just say: same basic idea)

Maybe you bark too much? :v Woof!

When I read this I saw a dog in my head

What a nice little snippet of information, sir.

Maybe you has rabies. I know nothing about veterinary science, though, so I'm probably wrong.

Doggy style is always good advice

What is a dogs favorite desert? Pup-cakes! Ah ah ah

GNo. It's homeless man's leavings.

No. It's you.

She's doing that because she saw you eating dog food.