Road rage

By badidea - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, someone nearly hit me with their car, so I flipped them the finger. They turned back around and tried to run me over. FML
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That's attempted murder. Did you get their license plate?

Randy Moss is back in Minnesota?


Randy Moss is back in Minnesota?

XenaWP 6

Nah, I'm going to take more of an leap and assume that you were being an arrogant pedestrian and were walking in the way.. Pedestrians always think they are in the right (and I'm including me in that when I'm walking around). Just like those darn cyclists..

Anyone else though of the Thomas Edison clip in the Simpsons lol

Do you live in Mexico...?

cradle6 13

35-Pedestrians have the right of way. Seriously, people underestimate how much damage our giant metal death machines can do. You hit someone, especially a kid, and your life is essentially over.

74- Pedestrians don't have the right of way if they're jay-walking. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Correct me if I'm wrong; no matter if they're jay-walking or not, if you hit them with your car YOU'RE the one in trouble - especially if you keep going. So, pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.

XenaWP 6

Exactly! Darn pedestrians are always in the right. Hence they think they can walk wherever they want and cars will just yield to them. They walk in oblivion.

Llama_Face89 33

94- actually, believe it or not, that isn't true. If you hit a pedestrian and they're not in a crosswalk they'll get slapped with a fine on top of their hospital bill.

Every day I walk to the bus, not a single car stops for me when I'm in the crosswalk. Sometimes I think they're trying to hit me.

saIty 17

Cause the bird, bird, bird, bird is the word... That'll get you run over by a jerk

Airman1988 9


#17 i liked it

Sinamoi 18

*cricket chirps*

blacksswan 10

Omfg not that! Now it's stuck in my head again!

Why did you add an extra "Bird"?

Its 4 birds... B-b-b-bird-bird-bird, bird is the word

Have you heard?

Tadeusz_fml 5

Serves you right for swearing. Do you hug your mother with that hand!?

cudi504 4

Nah op does fistbumps

Omg swearing! We're all going to hell!

Yes. Because everyone knows that people hug with their hands!

Flipping off someone is swearing? I see of it as more of an obscene gesture.

Yep and you probably jerk off about 9 times a week on average... OMG do you hug your mother with that hand??? I can feel vomit in my throat. You make me sick

eyeIoveyou 4

stop ******* cursing!

ewputthataway 0

It means "I love you".

So... can i swear on here? I don't plan on hugging my mother with my Keyboard anytime soon...

mfazi456 7

2 people having sex is called twosome 3 people having sex is called threesome 4 people having sex is called foursome Now I know why they call you handsome

tiptoppc 18

Jesus FUCKING CHRIST! We don’t cuss god damnit!

That's why you don't flip the finger you dick

He's the dick when he almost got hit by a car? Let me try and run you over and if you're not pissed (or pissed in your pants) you win.

Jbfu 0

Maybe op is one of those idiots who walks in the street because they don't want their new shoes to get dirty. Those guys deserve to get hit!

Yeah im sure you've never said or done anything like that ever before right?! Oh im sorry that i guy almost FUCKING RAN HIM OVER!!! So when he gets pissed he almost died, or got seriously injured, and flips him off. Its his fault now isnt. It still wouldnt have been a big deal if he fucken threw a rotten goose egg at him.

So they don't want to dirty their shoes and they walk in the street? The street is way dirtier than the sidewalk in most cases.

pittpsu75 0

He who flips bird get run over many times.

I have a hard time believing this. xD

Oh and if it's true. Like your name OP, that was a "badidea" xD

Ydi: They missed you the first time, why invite them back to try again?

Wouldn't you be pissed off that you almost got run over by some careless asshole??

Sinamoi 18

So you're telling me if I nearly drove by and killed your ass, you wouldn't be the least bit upset? It's not like OP was screaming profanities at the top of his lungs. In my opinion he acted fairly calmly compared to what he could have done.

Rainchikmoo 6

Last I checked, giving somebody that specific finger is not neccesarily an invitation. Besides, if someone were to almost run you over, are you telling me you wouldn't be a little p!ssed off?

So you didn't get hit? That makes this not as interesting. Did you happen to look around for people doing the Dane Cook expression?

thats funny as hell XD

1) Find out where Paws24_13 lives 2) Run him over while laughing like a maniac

Llama_Face89 33

41- oh be least wait til he's old enough to grow that little pseudo-stache in less than a month...

That's attempted murder. Did you get their license plate?

That's what I was thinking.

koopaqueen 0

Yeah or at least assault with a deadly weapon.