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By haqL - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - Mexico - Queretaro

Today, my girlfriend brought a 12-pack of beer to my mother's wake. FML
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What the hell..

Wow...sorry about your mom man.


What is wrong with her?! I would have told her that this was a time to celebrate your mother's life and mourn the loss of it, not a time for her to indulge in her alcoholism. And then broken up with her. But that being said, I hope she is providing some sort of support to you if you guys are still together. I'm very sorry for your loss, OP.

I don't know what that has to do with my comment, but okay. Good for you for your family traditions.

@ZombieSnowWhite: It may have more to deal with how the person died versus the death itself. If a perfectly healthy family member was killed by a serial killer who stabbed said family member repeatedly in a gruesome murder situation, you can bet almost no one will be happy to be at that wake, mainly because of how quickly the wake was scheduled and the suddenness of it all.

Seriously? It's a wake not a party for people to get wasted.

clearly you've never been to an Irish wake. You drink and celebrate the person's life, not mourn their death. it's what I want when I die.

Either she's messed up in the head, or she has a really weird way of coping with sadness. Either way, it's still beyond fucked up.

Yes, your insular culture is the only one that exists in the universe. Tolerance is so very beyond "messed up."

112, tolerance is also not pushing your culture on others but to respect theirs... Which is its not a place for bringing alcohol in the OP's and #14's culture... #14 was just sympathizing with that, so have some tolerance eh? ;)

Wow come on alcohol is the cliche way of dealing with sadness!

She should've brought pot! Everyone knows its "wake and bake", not "wake and inebriate". Tell her to get her shit together.

Everyone mourns differently, dude. My girlfriend brought beer to my dad's funeral and my uncle gave her a hug for it.

What is a wake?

I'm not 100% sure because my family doesn't do them but I'm pretty sure it is like a viewing (of a body)

In my tradition, it's pretty much a celebration of life.

A wake is a gathering of friends and family that come together to support the grieving family of their loss, normally in the funeral home with the body but not always. So yeah, it's basically a viewing.

actually a good question. It is a gathering of friends and family, either before at the funeral home or afterwards at a family member's home. people sometimes bring food so the family doesn't have to worry about that for a little while...

another reason to party it up. nothing like getting wasted at a wake.

I'm curious at to where she's from. In my part of the world (New Zealand and Australia), the actual funeral is a time for formality, sadness and mourning, and the wake is basically a massive party, alcohol included, as a celebration of the life of the deceased. I've never been to a funeral where that wasn't the case.

Agreed. I didn't see an issue with it at all. Guess it could be a cultural difference.

I live in America and a wake is the same as a viewing in which friends and family gather to support each other and mourn their loss in the presence of the deceased loved one.

it says they are from Mexico, and no Mexicans I know would be that disrespectful

It says they are in Mexico, which is not the same thing as being from Mexico. And as we've established in the comments, it's not necessarily disrespectful.

Celebration is for some other time...even though champagne is more for celebration...sorry OP...

It is common for Irish wakes to take place in a pub with the deceased propped up at the bar with a pint of beer in hand. Hoisting a cold one in memory of a loved one is a fine tribute.