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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - United States - Escalon

Today, my insane war veteran great-uncle punched me in the throat for not laughing hard enough at his stupid joke. FML
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Yes you are.

That was uncalled for. FYL OP


That was uncalled for. FYL OP

Not only was it uncalled for, it's very dangerous. It can kill if done hard enough. OP, I don't care if he's family. Avoid him. And when he wonders why you're not around, don't accept "it was only a joke" as an excuse.

Well I guess you should of laughed harder jk I'm a war veteran and PTSD can make people act so different and wrong I apologize for what happens to you and if he was drinking I'd stay away if he was and that's the case good luck to you and him

I dont think the fact that OPs great uncle was a war vet or whether or not he had PTSD made a difference here... he just sounds like he was being a dick.

#3: It's like you haven't even heard of punctuation.

@20 boo hoo

welshite as long as the sentence makes sense leave hime alone grammar nazis usually get thumbed down anyway

#27 Not on FML...

#27 everyone is a nazi on fml, that or they wanna play doctor Phil. i just assumed this was a place to get a laugh from listening to something shittt happening to another person.

Wizzlbang 10

PTSD doesn't make you punch someone in the throat for not laughing at your jokes.

Wizzlbang 10

He sounds fun.

Wizardo 33

Seriously give him a taste of his own medicine, no reason for inane violence like that. I recommend a tubular steel object of some sort, asshole.

Why are you calling the OP an asshole? What did he ever do to you?? Geez

Wizardo 33

Wow, I was calling the throat punching uncle an asshole but OK, whatever you interpretation is. Geez.

I was being sarcastic. Clearly I need to work on my skills. I'll let myself out.

If there's no need for extreme violence, why are you recommending it right back?

21- it wasn't sarcasm, you're just trying to deploy some flares. It's fine to be wrong sometimes, but just own up to it and ye shall be forgiven.

He's a vet, he should be able to punch anyone. Am I wrong?

Yes you are.

I hope that was a terrible attempt at sarcasm..

So, his logic - if no one finds me funny, use violence until they do. Bet he doesn't have many friends...

Imagine how he would of reacted if you didn't laugh at all..

when he gets older, and can't take care of himself, punch him in the throat and remind him why you're doing it.

I think people are being too hard on the guy. I mean, I punch people in the throat all the time- particularly when they say "Good Morning" all cheery before I've had my coffee. Keeps 'em in check.

Hahahahahahahahaha well that's another way of doing it

Grand Uncle:"Laugh at my jokes. LAUGH AT IT." *punches OP in throat* "I SAID LAUGH!"

*OP rolls on the floor choking and dying* Uncle: "That's better!"

SystemofaBlink41 27

If OP's normal laugh sounds like choking and dying, then he's got something else to worry about.