By Anonymoys - 22/2/2021 17:01

Pansexuality awaits you

Today, I realized that the guy that I've liked for the past 7 months is actually a girl. I've told all my friends about how much I like him, but no one bothered to tell me that he's actually a girl. FML
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By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Hi OP. I am a straight guy who is engaged to a trans girl, i.e. she was born with the body of a man but her mind and her energy are feminine (and so damn sexy!!!). Anyway, I knew from the beginning that she is trans and it was quite a shock to realize that I am attracted to her. It made me question my sexuality so I did some research and everyone says the same: the appendages (or lack thereof) are totally incidental. The person is more important than the plumbing. Her energy is feminine and that is what attracts me as a straight male. I wasn't sure how I would deal with her clitty (penis) at first but once I decided to please my woman sexually in any way that I could and just go for it, the issue melted away. We have an amazing relationship and I have never been this happy before. Even when I see her naked, and she is pre-op, I really see nothing other than a beautiful woman. You have to decide whether you are going to let the expectations of society decide who you date. I say: fuck society.

By  Justkidding100  |  36

oh man what a journey. so you are a straight guy attracted to a trans girl but you thought she was a man and confusingly thought you might be gay and instead of just telling you she was a woman they let you think that. What a revelation that must have been when you found out! Wish you two the best!