Oh, there you are…

By eddiemusicjazz - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Azusa

Today, a week after I lost my wallet, replaced the majority of my ID cards, canceled my debit card, and went to the DMV and paid for a replacement driver's license, I found my wallet. It was in my shoe. FML
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TaylorLynn462 10

And why might your wallet be in your shoe?

taffy1239 3

Shoe deserve it.


So that's what that large annoying feeling was in one of your feet. Which only appeared when you wore a particular shoe......

Jakesterk96 8

At least you got back up now. P.S. Shoes aren't a good place to keep wallets.

This reminds me of the FML where a guy tried to propose to his girlfriend by putting the ring in her shoe. The two have no relation except for the shoe, but you know...

Temi25 6

Was there cash in it?

TaylorLynn462 10

And why might your wallet be in your shoe?

OP is probably wondering the same thing

Maybe OP has a pet or child that put it there? My cat used to hide money in my shoes.

hockeyoceancity 13

What i want to know is why havn't you felt the wallet in your shoe for a week? i usually wear shoes everyday and i think a wallet would irritate my foot. unless you have like 7 pairs of shoes that you only wear once a week.

ChrisTheCalm 9

It's kinda clear that maybe it was a different pair of shoes, if it wasn't, well you're on your own with that.

Well, no identity theft either way now, and you have a few paper weights

Great place to put your wallet.... Kinda

Hahaaa love the picture!!

taffy1239 3

Shoe deserve it.

Donat96 20

Heel get over it.

kiran_fml 5

He deserves sole credit for the problem.

He toetally needs a new place to put his wallet.

His dialogue with the DMV was probably laced with tongue 'n cheek humor.

Wallet may not have been his fault. Though he's probably kicking himself for not having checked his shoes. Oh well, I guess he footed the bill for his stupidity.

Michael_92 20

I think we all gotta ask ourselves...how the hell did it get there!?

Michael_92 20

Ahhh I didn't see someone said it up there.

The shoe needed money.

Michael_92 20

Shoes...they always stealing their owners money to get hookers!

bizarre_ftw 21

Those platform high heels are just so Damn expensive huh?

Yeah because everyone checks their shoes for wallets.

Well wallets don't just appear in people shoes

I thumbs up cuz of ur pic

Your loosed your wallet? Very confused here. :p

Well everything was clear to me until I read your comment. You just confused the hell outa me. Edit: Nvm. Guess the mods fixed the fml before I saw it.

I say YDI, simply because you said "loosing" instead of "lose."

perdix 29

When suddenly lots of pairs of sexy socks and erotic foot powders start showing up in your mail, you'll know who to accuse of identity theft.

Which might not necessarily be a bad thing if OP has a foot or sexy-footwear fetish.