Not funny, man

By ChristinaGee - 30/12/2021 20:00

Today, my husband says he wants to file for divorce because he’s tired of me being a “bossy boots.” Apparently, asking him to stop sending a 17 year-old girl dick pics as a “joke” is too much to ask. My tongue is going to fall out from the many times I've had to explain to him why it’s inappropriate. FML
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Your husband sexually harassed a child and HE'S the one who asked for a divorce? You should have already left him.


You need to have a serious conversation with him, no matter the age range he shouldn’t be sending explicit messages to anyone. Especially any one the age of 18 or under

Sounds like the trask took itself out. He’s lucky neither you nor the kid called the cops.

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Sounds like he needs to go to the Steve Wilkos show

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He knows it's inappropriate. He doesn't care.

Well, Ms. Bossy Boots, sending dick pics to minors is not just inappropriate, it's a crime. Rat him out to the cops and he'll be sent to prison, where, presumably, he'll get to see a lot of dicks.

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The fact that you've spent what sounds like many hours over many different occasions explaining this to him, and having to "ask" him, sounds more like a YDI than a FML. Stop being stupid.

Your relationship aside, he needs to cut that dick pic thing the **** out. If any authority figure catches wind, even significantly after the fact, that could seriously derail his life.

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He knows it’s inappropriate. He doesn’t care.