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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Portland

Today, I saw a customer wandering around, looking confused. I went over and kindly asked if I could help him find anything. He said no, but that he'd help me find the teeth he'd knock out of my mouth if I didn't get lost. FML
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cellycrunk 16

Ouch. Maybe he was trying to steal something?

i dont undetstand people like this. god what an ass


cellycrunk 16

Ouch. Maybe he was trying to steal something?

in a hurry aswell

What ended up happening after that?

Either OP got her teeth knocked out or she got lost. You have a 50% chance at being right here so take a guess.

Since the FML doesn't go along the lines of 'Today, I got my teeth knocked out... FML', I assume she chose the latter option.

If you'd like to get technical it wouldn't be a 50% chance. There's also the chance that the customer wouldn't keep their word, among a lot more possibilities.

PresidentNorth 16

so like 33.3% chance OP would get hit?

Maybe he didn't want help?

Obviously not, but there are better ways he could have said so.

"No thanks, I'm fine." Yeah, that would be far too hard to say.

3 - duhhhhhh

lnsc10 8

No shit Sherlock

i dont undetstand people like this. god what an ass

ihavenolifehaha 16

I don't 'undetstand' either

#24 come on dude, the T and R keys are right next to each other . Don't be a dick about it .

This explains the shortage of customer service. This guy threatens the good ones. He must be really efficient.

so much for helping people

Report the asshole to the police for threatening.

If s/he had witnesses, maybe OP would have a case.

alice_18 16

7, That's not really serious to get the police involved...

#32 Doubt you'll still be saying that after you've had all YOUR teeth knocked out.

alice_18 16

So you're saying you've never threatened anyone before? I highly doubt he would have even tried to hurt OP, and if they had called the cops the police would most likely just laugh at them.

martin8337 35

I don't understand people like that. Anyone else usually would save they are OK and don't require any assistance .

What's even weirder is that this is a male saying it to a female, extremely freaky in my opinion.

It's freaky regardless of gender. Threatening an employee for simply doing their job is not ok no matter what gender they are.

Did you then ask him to find his way out of your store?

well judging by the customers 1st reaction, if OP did ask that question the fml post would be like "current post + and he kept his word and helped me find my teeth all over the store"

And that's when management should ask him to leave the premises.

PoisonOrchid 21

It'd be nice if management took that much of an interest in how their employees are treated. Its always been my experience that management cares wayyyy more about complaints and customer satisfaction than they do if their employees are being abused.

Even at my old shitty job, I got yelled at despite trying to help my customer figure out if his order was wrong. The yelling alone made me cry, but my manager gave him an earful and kicked him out of the store. she may have been a bitch after this event but not every manager bows to a customers whim. Luckily.

I don't think retail works like that