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By ihatemylife - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had to remind my roommates of the importance of wearing clothing at all times in the common living area. My roommates are my parents. FML
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'My roommates are my parents. FML' enough said...

Maybe OP is underage, stupid.


YDI for still living with your parents.

Maybe OP is underage, stupid.

Nobody is underage when you're drunk enough ;D

If OP is underage, then they are parents, not "roommates" and it is the house of the PARENTS and they can do whatever the hell they want

Most people don't like seeing their parents naked, looks like you're an exception. If my folks started prancing around without enough clothes on I'd pitch a bitch too.

It doesn't necessarily say she lives with her parents. They might live with her.

Vacant, what is throwing upset womens going to do about your parents being nuddie? Also, OP, are they your roommates, or do you just live in THEIR house and don't want to say that?

Oh sick... Co-ed dorms!

if you can't beat 'em join 'em.

Where do you live Is your mom hot?

'My roommates are my parents. FML' enough said...

2 to 1 Why are you wearing clothes?

This FML depends on if you are still living in your parents house or not. If its their place there is not much you can do.

+ Exactly!! Not enuff info in the FML to know which way to vote. So I'm not voting. No, I'm really not and you can't make me!

Hahahahahahahahaha, EW :|

can sum1 check out how old OP is? I'm using the iPhone app for FML so there is very limited function as to what I can do. it'll prob answer a lot of other readers questions too. ie if OP is 16 then FYL or if OP is 30 then YDI lol

misspeg, we have no way of knowing. It wasn't sent from a profile, but rather anonymously with a name made just for this one post. Sorry.

since the 'common living area' is probably in the house your parents paid for, you should probs deal with it or go somewhere else... their house, their rules :]