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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Salem

Today, I asked my class of fifth graders to write down a list of all the compound words they knew. At least four of them put down 'motherfucker'. FML
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slutfactory 17

When I learned about compound words in third grade, I believe I wrote down "bitchass." When my parents were contacted my dad had to leave the classroom because he couldn't stop laughing.

Mah don't take it so hard, many siblings teach their younger siblings some swear words for unknown reasons. It's fairly normal unfortunately


FrancesShiver 20

This generation saddens me too, OP.

ThatOneGuy719 16

Yes, let's give up hope and doubt the WHOLE generation because of four kids thinking that "motherfucker" is a compound word.. Aside from that, you're probably too young to be saying this kind of thing.

slutfactory 17

It doesn't matter the age of the person saying it. I am 17 and I'm fairly disappointed with the majority of my generation's actions. Yes, there are still plenty of wonderful kids out there. But people pay more attention to the bad. In return, you hear a lot of people giving this generation a lot of shit because of their mistakes. I haven't given up on the generation or anything that dramatic, but I do find myself feeling ashamed to go to school with the people I do and know that I am associated with them overall.

r_bruce69 19

13 - This is basically exactly how I've felt for the last two years

There is far more to this generation than a bunch of fifth graders. People will always complain about the further generation. That's just how things work. They compare how their life was and since it's different, put it down. Of course, a bunch of fifth graders already knowing that language is saddening. Who knows, it could be the parents faults for teaching them the words or allowing them to be in that environment; therefore being the generation before's fault. Sorry, my grammar is probably awful.

blazerman_fml 17

This generation learns from us.Sure technology has a part to play.With the internet everything is so widespread but it is we who are to be blamed for not being better examples.that being said some of the kids of this generation are Satan spawn!

FrancesShiver 20

I came here to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now!!1!

So let's give up hope because there are some bad people in this generation... What this generation has is social media, more access, etc. that makes it so much easier to display stupidity to the world. Before, only the people in your town and some family friends knew what you were like. This isn't a bad generation, just a generation with different technologies.

Btdtgts 22

I'm twenty and in college and our professor discussed this, he said every generation says that about the next generation. He said look at the 60 they had hippies and druggies and baby booms threw the 80's. Every generation is different and the smallest change causes the previous generation to suddenly doubt and give up on the generation just because they have differences.

Gen X was supposed to be the downfall of society. So were the hippies. So was the Lost Generation. So were the American Transcendentalists. So were the Romantic poets. I'm sure if we had accurate historical records 'I weep for this generation' would be a common motif. Basically, every generation has terrified their predecessors yet society and the world still thrive on. On a side note, motherfucker *is* a compound word, so they're not wrong.

motherfucker IS a compound word though..

FrancesShiver 20

Can you guys stop? I'm practically IN this generation as a child myself, and yes, it saddens me. You don't have to give me a long speech about how I shouldn't generalise every kid. I'm not talking about any "downfall" or anything. I simply just expressed my feeling towards how children speak and act these days, and I have the fully right to do that without people giving me life lessons. By the way,I'm not saying that every kid is bad. So why don't ya'll just sit down and leave it? Thank you.

just stop replying and stop taking offense. this is what you call "opinions"

They must have good throwing arms because they threw them through a generation.

#13 people get recognized for the rules they break, not for the rules they follow.

slutfactory 17

Most of us weren't attacking or even talking to you #68, so get a grip. We were all simply stating our opinions and what we think on the matter. If you can't handle a heated (though this wasn't in my opinion) discussion, I suggest you not comment in the future.

Mah don't take it so hard, many siblings teach their younger siblings some swear words for unknown reasons. It's fairly normal unfortunately

It's not just siblings. Sometimes it's parents that talk like this is normal. Unfortunately, anyone can have kids. Even those too uncouth to raise them properly. I miss the days when people spoke in dignified and respectful manners.

No, it's the siblings that are usually required to babysit them. y'know, the ones around 16 or 17

Dignified and respectful manners? I hate to tell you, but even in the past, people could be complete douchebags. Unless you mean "I miss the good old days, where people were forbidden and would get whipped or even killed for speaking out of line. Oh well."

I've taught quite a few young kids who speak like this. When you ask them who taught them, they usually say their parents. How can a child's think it's wrong if their parents always speak like that? It could also be their siblings or TV (that's where I learned my first swear) but they're around their parents the most at that age.

10-- when did people ever speak in respectful or dignified manners? Ever read Joyce? Dickens? Shakespeare? Chaucer? Almost anything ever written in the English language?

My parents curse like sailors. I was cussing by the fourth grade because my parents and everyone around me did it so I thought it was normal and cool. If you're in 5th grade you're 10 or 11. I'd be more surprised if it was a 1st grader or something, personally.

Look kitty, you're a dipshit. I grew up in the 80s. Kids treated their teachers, parents, and teachers with a lot more respect than they do now. Only the worst kids cursed around their teachers and the ended up with the paddling the deserved. So yeah, I miss the good old days when you got beat for speaking out of line, because guess what. We also didn't have school shootings

I have friends who's nieces learned from their parents for sure. No older siblings to teach them as they're the oldest. I personally learned my firsts from the internet. I spent a great deal of my pre-teen years (probably 12/7 a week, honestly. I was somewhat obsessed) on mugglenet chat and even downloaded an mIRC application at age 11. That's also where I learned what a penis was (which I pronounced pen-iss until hearing it out loud in health two years later) by people just telling me to google image it... Lovely childhood I had growing up on Internet forums with adults..

Well it IS a compound word. Everyone's getting all caught up on the profanity of it, and missing the actual assignment.

Uhhhh… yeah you did

I cunt believe twat kids know these days.

They learn it from school.

Respect101 17

#43, Their learning it right now from people posting stuff like this too. Everything plays a factor in a kids learning.

Depends on where you live #43. I grew up in a very religious area and didn't hear a single swear word in school until my junior year of high school when I started hanging out with the "stoners" of the school. Most people around here will flinch at the word "hell" as if you've just screamed voldemort to the heavens in a group of wizards.

someone has to teach them, do you want them to learn them from the streets?

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Not necessarily. Siblings, tv shows, neighbors… My 80 year old neighbor says 'motherbastard' when she's mad. Cracks me up all the time

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5th grade (in Australia at least) has children from ages 10-12, to me they're old enough to know better, my 6year old sister knows better

Well, it could have been worse!

I'm interested in knowing some of your vocabulary then.

Don't get her started

Did any of them out asshat?

Put* Don't be silly! That's obviously a 6th grade term.

slutfactory 17

When I learned about compound words in third grade, I believe I wrote down "bitchass." When my parents were contacted my dad had to leave the classroom because he couldn't stop laughing.

Respect101 17

Apparently I missed out on all the fun, because I actually wrote down real compound words.

I wrote down goddamn. :P my mom got mad at me though.

I'm pretty sure that motherfucker is a real word. And a compound one at that.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Kind of irrelevant to this FML, but related to bitchass: a few years ago a school district nearby suspended more than 100 students because they released a video where 100+ kids just said "bitch ass." The board thought the video was directed at the board.

slutfactory 17

Bitchass is a real compound word. Maybe not a socially acceptable one for a third grade, but still a compound word.

I just about died when I read that and then saw that it was posted by 'slutfactory.' You learned your lesson well, obviously!

This is beautifulass stuff. Don't correct me, that was a compound word.

blazerman_fml 17

I remember when I was a kid we had to go to a family wedding. I kept saying fuck loudly the entire time.I did not know what it meant but it made everyone laugh other than my mom so I kept saying it.Kids pick up words they hear.Motherfucker is surprisingly common.I bet they don't even know what it means but they just say it for the sake of it.