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Today, my daughter learned that if she rips a toy out of its package in front of a store employee, mommy will be forced to buy it. She now has two new toys today. FML
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And today you need to learn how to discipline your child.

Just pay and leave the toys in the shop. Also punish her for being a brat.


And today you need to learn how to discipline your child.

100% agree!!!! **** is wrong with parents nowadays.

I don't know about the laws in America, but in Germany you are not forced to buy anything when ripping the package open. It's just that people feel like they have to. Stores and their employees are also oviously interested in making you feel like you have to. Maybe they don't know better, but they can't force you, not by the law.

Well... in america that's considered personal property. And WHENEVER you destroy someone else's personal property, you are obligated, by law, to repay the item. Now the law usually includes stiffer penalties actually, but most sound thinking individuals are ok with a "pay me back for what you just destroyed" type of agreement. This doesn't just go for stores, but if some stranger breaks your window or if a kid eggs your house or whatever. The person the destroys property has to pay for the damages.

Yes, in some cases you'll have to destroy the packaging to open it (and ripping it open sounds like the packaging was torn apart). In that case you'll have to refund the store for the damage on the packaging (as long as the item itself is not damaged). If you can repack the item without damage to the packaging however, you don't owe anything to stores in Germany.

I wonder how she will behave when she learns that breastfeeding a man will make him horny

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How is also the day she learns that every time she does that, TWO of her toys are given away to charity. Isn't that something...

That's what I thought. Why give the child the toy? Parenting fail :/

In America we have no ethos, so we have laws to enforce everything.

My mom said the same thing after she read this.

I say burn both her new toys and her favorite old toy in front of her. Then tell her that if she ever does that again all her toys will be destroyed in a worse manner that of which I can't think of now.

Flutist 3

THANK you, at least some people have brains. My cousin did that one time. She knew better. My mom took the toys, paid for them and gave them to the next kid that entered. Then my cousin worked to pay for those toys, was grounded for a week and given the spanking of a life time. She never did that again. My aunt had the nerve to act surprised that her little angel would do that. Sounds like this mother needs some parenting classes. You are allowed to discipline your child, you do not give them everything they want. They make you pay for the toys you make them pay you back, ground them or take away their toys. You don't do it now Op, your kid will rob someone later in life.

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And then throw her back in the basement?

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Yes, give the toys to charity. And, depending on which state you live in, a quick swat on the bum the next time she tears into a toy. No angry spanking here, just one, quick swat and a loud "No!"

I agree too! Spanking is allowed in such cases, so give her a good spanking so that when she grows up, she will not be spoiled!


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Wow, some people are so harsh... I think just not letting her keep the toys is enough, you don't need to go overboard! Or give her an allowance and then tell her she can only do that if she pays for them.

Flutist 3

I am not saying spank the child until they bleed. I am saying that giving the toys to charity and not punishing the child teaches them that there will be only a minor consequence. Example: when I was a child I used to get into fights a lot. My father told me to stop. I didn't. So instead of just grounding me, he sent me to a military summer camp so I could learn discipline. His reasoning for this was that my "innocent" fights at eleven would turn into greater fights the older I got. He did not believe I should be constantly fighting unless in danger. My cousin on the other hand never got a firm hand in her childhood. But after that day she never damaged property again, because my mother had her for the summer and taught her the value of a dollar. My cousin tried to pull shit because their mom let them at home. Now she knows.

For every toy she forces you to buy, give one of the toys she already has to charity...or the trash, along with the new one. Who in the right mind would let the girl play with the toy at all?

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Thats excelent and sounds like a fair trade.. it would also make today the first and last time she does this.

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Exactly what I was thinking! Don't reward her behavior by letting her keep the toys. Have her donate them AND two of her favorite toys. She'll think twice about manipulating you again!

How odd, did it take you about ten seconds to figure that out as well? I wonder how long it has taken/will take the OP ...

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Oh yes, give her an allowance as a punishment! That will teach her! Please don't procreate.

exactly don't give it to her! give them to your niece/nephew/neighbor/other daughter/TRASH.. ANYONE besides her! or DUH!!! Don't let her touch it.. put her ass in the buggy and don't give her toys to look at..... there are like 54684345 ways to get around this.. you just suck as a parent... you're probably like 17yrs old. haha..

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Take the god dang toys throw them in the garbage and throw mashed potatoes on them, so she cant use them.

Why in the 9 hells are you -giving- them to her?! Donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or even a church. Make her go along with to watch you give them away. Somebody's needy child has earned them. You are reinforcing bad behavior, and it is NOT going to go away unless you stop, now.

If you don't keep the product, you only have to pay the wholesale price, not the retail price. And, as someone who never buys a product without taking it out of the packaging if I can, the German lady is right - if you don't damage anything, they can't (regardless of what they tell you) charge you for it. On the other hand, my mother would have told them to arrest me for shoplifting, even if I was just 4.

I wouldve screamed THATS not my daughter or I wouldve bought the toy and not let her play with it and watch me play with it

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Spank her! My mom would have beat the heck out of me if I did that when I was a kid.

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how just not take them to the store?

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my mom would have spanked the hell outa me AND make me work off the price.then she would make ME give it away to some other kid. I wad raised with a lot more respect for other's items then that from the time I learned how to speek. it's the parents fault. learn to teach and controle your kid.

1 - I totally, 100% agree. You know why my daughter has never done that and never will? Because she knows in addition to me stashing it elsewhere before I check out, I would swat her butt! Kids need discipline!!

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if you give her an allowance your technically just payin for it yourself

ur all saying spanking, donate, throw it about returning the other toy...she said her kid has two new toys now... and not giving her the toy she ripped out for a few weeks...this stunt she pulled isn't discpline worthy unless its a repeating occurance...if she does it again thts when u take higher actions

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Throw mashed potatoes on her toys so she can't use them? Weird, I guess that would be effective.... But weird.

What balls. Damaging a toy's packaging hardly leads to robbery.

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Obviously very few of u have children (thank god!) look the damage is done. That's your hard earned money Keep the toys but put them up. The child needs to be punished... Spank, grounded, time out (depending on age) whatever works. Then do not let the child have said toys until they have proven that they deserve them. personally I would have popped the hell out of my Childs hand the first time but considering I discipline my children and reward them when deserved I have very well behaved kids and they are not dumb enough to test me like that.

Yeah, americas gay like that....wheres your freedom now?

Ouch. FYL. Perhaps you should try to teach her that doing that is wrong.

Yes, by throwing away the toy after you buy it. YDI.

It's up to you to teach your child and not let it happen TWICE. YDI

Yes, because it HAD to happen on separate occasions? Just shut up, please.

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I think #4 meant TWICE as in AGAIN. So...yeah, no one needs to shut up.

Just pay and leave the toys in the shop. Also punish her for being a brat.

THIS. A MILLION times, this. If she sees that she can open toys and *keep* them, what do you expect to happen next time she wants a toy that you tell her she can't have? I'd have paid for it and handed it to another family in the parking lot, then kneeled in front of her and explained to her the rules on when she gets toys. This isn't an FML, it's more of a FMPS (F My Parenting Skills). If she walks over you as a child, what do you expect to happen when she's an adult?

I'm with 34. When I was little we used to take my used toys to Kids in Distress. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to get some brand new ones.

no take the toys home and don't let have them...but keep them in plain sight 😈

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lmao don't let her keep them. give them away or something rofl that'll show her. and put her in timeout?

You've got a sneaky little con artist on your hands. What you should do is, as soon as you leave the store/go home, take her new toys and throw them in the trash. If she realizes that she won't get to KEEP the toys doing that, bam. Problem solved.

Better yet, donate the toys to charity so that some poor kid with nothing can have them rather than such a spoiled little girl. Then make it clear to your child that you will not be taking her toy shopping again until she learns appropriate behavior. It's a little something called DISCIPLINE.

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Why would you let her keep the toy? Give it away to a chairty or something if she gets what she wants for doing something bad shes just going to keep doing it

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Um. Don't give the toy to your kid. . .that's just rewarding her for misbehaving. Take her to one of your friend's houses and give the toys to their kids in front of her. Problem solved.

Nah, I think the "throwing in garbage" makes for a better punishment. Otherwise she'll possibly feel that at least some good has come of it, for those other kids. Make it so that she has absolutely no benefit from the toy. And punish her on top of that.

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And don't just throw away the toy you had to buy throw away an additional toy and tell the kid that if it happens again it will be two more toys. Of course, you didn't say how old the kid was. If they are two just throw away the toy.

boatkicker 4

Very few children have that concept of "at least some good came out of it" when giving things they want to someone else. Kids are more likely to think "Well if I can't have ti, no one can attitude" and giving the toy to another child will make the child jealous, and angry, whereas throwing it away just makes them angry. For maximum benefit give the toy away to someone the child doesn't know or doesn't like so that they can't go over and play with it at someone else's house.

This. My daughter grabbed a chocolate egg off a shelf in a shop when she was 3 when i told her she couldn't have one and broke it, so I had to pay for it. She was so pleased with herself when we left with it, until we got home and I walked her over to the neighbour's house and handed it to the little girl next door that she didn't like, and told them what she'd done. She was pretty devastated. Didn't happen again.

janise 2

She may be able to get the toy out of the trash.

I don't mean to brag, but I was a "Some good out of it" kid. I would literally beg for my folks to drive me to the donation houses. But I never did that, nor was I punished. My patents just let me bathe in my own guilt until I cracked. But I agree, YDI

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What are you going to do when she starts ripping store tags off clothes? Or when she decides it's time she had a cellphone, or a game console, or a car?

That's when you make her work for the store to pay it back. DON'T give the kid the money. Once they're over eighteen (or whatever the legal age is in your country of residence) then it's their own goddamn fault.