Kids will be kids

By littlebigbrother - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Japan

Today, we got a call that my brother stuck a rock up his nose and couldn't get it out. My mom had to pick him up and take him to the hospital. My brother is 20. FML
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That's a new way to get stoned

My brother still tries to save his farts & he's also 20 . boys are weird .


My brother still tries to save his farts & he's also 20 . boys are weird .

Devin91 20

Not all of them

It's cause boys take everything as a challenge haha

p3mguin 7

You won't see any girl do that

Hey if it wasn't for us guys you girls wouldnt have entertainment. We do stupid stuff to make girls smile.

1- I'd rather not be grouped with OP's moronic sibling. Also, I know a few girls who can be the exact same way.

33- obviously, you've never seen 1000 ways to die. A woman died trying to outdo a couple of guys in a fart contest. She stuck a empty whipped cream can up her ass too put some air up there, and ended up killing herself. There's some kind of gas inside of those containers. But that's irrelevant. Funny, but irrelevant.

MerrikBarbarian 9

63- women do some stupid things, but if you look at the ratio of male to female winners of Darwin awards... Men are far more likely to remove themselves from the gene pool... Far too often with the fatal last words "hey guys! Check this out!"

Devin91 20

Shit happens. Your brother will grow up sooner or later.

You can't fix stupid.

Devin91 20

No but people eventually start to mature

Awes0meperson 10

16 and pregnant?

Just -.-

22cute 17

Adjectives: they cost so little but add so much!

Good weed #3?

That should be the brother's fml, not op's.

Seems like an intelligent man.

snator 0

Yes, he shall go very far in life...

But he will have to cross many rocks before he reaches his destination.

His.... Final Destination.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Sounds like a candidate for presidency. He can't be any worse then the current contenders. :p

Like Harry Potter

That's a new way to get stoned

GingerPanda94 6

#5 beat you too it sadly

nofearjenshere 12

So number 5 beat himself/herself to it?

If I could thumb up a million times I would.

5 beat him/herself? That's just inappropriate. Keep it in the bathroom/bedroom, guys.

KiddNYC1O 20

Are YOU stoned, #24?

Tell him your meant to use a pea not a rock!

hallkchallkc 4

"Your" awesome...

It was OP's brother not OP.

He meant to use a rock... He just forgot to crush his cocaine before sniffing it.

Stupid isn't discriminative of age.

He was just trying to sniff some rock to get stoned. ...ehhh, ehhh? ;)

What, are you a retarded Canadian?

I believe you're confusing her with Justin Bieber.

Well your brother is just dumb OP nothing else to say.

missalice0306 19

That's an odd way to get stoned

That's an odd way of saying something 200 other people before you have said.