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Today, my neighbor put up an electric fence to keep my five-year-old son out. FML
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What does your son do to need that? Sh** on their lawn?

To be fair, why is your 5 year old left without supervision long enough that he gets into the neighbour's yard? Watch you kid!


What does your son do to need that? Sh** on their lawn?

michaelaranda 28

probably something even worse.

WTF is worse than shitting on a lawn? The kid couldn't use a shovel or hoe most likely.

Maybe he did his business then flung it around the yard...

Or maybe he left a radio playing Nickelback on their front porch....only slightly worse.

incoherentrmblr 21

Who's your son, Bart Simpson?

how is this legal?

How is it not? It's his property and he has the right to keep anyone out of it.

Yeah but the kid is 5 and might just actually shock himself really badly. At the very least, tell the neighbour to replace with a normal fence.

Why? It's his property he can put up an electric fence if he wants to, it would be the kid's fault for touching it if he gets shocked

I think OP needs to watch their 5 year old. Probably none of this would have happened if OP watched their kid.

Actually no, he would still have to take it down. There are rules that you have to follow when doing things like putting up a fence and stuff. Plus the fact is any random kid could not realise what it is and get badly hurt, and it would fall on the neighbour's shoulders. And I..I can't really see what a five year old could do that would be so bad to warrant that. OP should keep a better eye on their kid anyways.

Have any of you nay-sayers actually encountered a residential electric fence before? They're almost always very low voltage and do no damage. The shock startles you; it doesn't "hurt".

SuperMew 22

I like how everyone is assuming that it is going to turn out like the little boy in Jurassic Park. My grandmother had an electric fence around her yard and all it did was feel like someone was pinching you when you touched it.

74 - it's not the neighbors place to PARENT the child. Why a 5 year old is left to their own devices when their parents can't even keep them out of the neighbors yard is beyond me.

95, what kind of wimpy electric fence do you have? My brother accidentally turned ours on when I was putting it up. It hurt like fuck. And I mean it hurt.

We have one around our pasture for our horse. As long as your wearing shoes it does not hurt very bad.

Oops, yeah I was thinking about Jurassic Park and all the electric fences I've seen on TV. On a plus note that movie has scared me enough to never touch an electric fence.

The neighbor could also charge (get it!) people who touch it for trespassing anyhow, so consider a mild shock punishment.

Only in America

131 - That question could easily be turned around to ask you how wimpy you are that an electric fence hurt so much.

so if you had a five year old son who was electrocuted by touching (not climbing, not pushing, Touching) a fence, you would say: "its his own damn fault!" no, no you wouldn't, you would blame the man who put up the fence, because through his actions your son came to harm. plus electrocution isn't common, it is entirely likely that your five year old wouldn't know the ramifications of touching it. and yes, i realize that the kid shouldn't be unattended, but you cant watch them at all times. having a fence is fine, in fact it is a good idea, but having a electric fence is dangerous and stupid. please, think before you go blaming five year olds for getting hurt by something they most likely don't understand

yes, I have, and they do "hurt", admittedly not badly but it is still painful. also I assume you are fully grown, in witch case you have no ground to stand on, as the person most at risk is FIVE. to elaborate, electricity has less of an effect on you the older,and subsequently larger, you are so at five it will be much more hazardous. I doubt the child will be seriously injured, but all the same the fence should not be electric, a fence alone will do just as well

"so if you had a five year old son who was electrocuted by touching (not climbing, not pushing, Touching) a fence, you would say: "its his own damn fault!"" No, you would say 'It's my fault'. "you would blame the man who put up the fence, because through his actions your son came to harm" No, you not watching your kid is what caused him 'harm' "it is entirely likely that your five year old wouldn't know the ramifications of touching it" That's why parents exist. To teach them not to touch things they shouldn't. "but you cant watch them at all times." It's a five year old OUTSIDE. Yes, you very much SHOULD be watching them at ALL times when outside at that age. That mild shocking fence could just as easily be fucking car. I hope if you ever decide to have kids, you stop and rethink your perspective on blaming the world any time they get hurt rather than watching them and educating them.

the kid is five dumbass

subiedude08 17

Oh that's completely normal

\ 28

It's a severe case of "Crotchety Old Man Syndrome"

Redoxx_fml 22

Who's your neighbour, Hugo Strange?

JocelynKaulitz 28

Who's your son? Dennis the Menace?

Redoxx_fml 22

No Spongebob

Is your son the spawn of satin?

I'm sure there's a joke to be made from your comment but I've only just woke up. "Satin"...

Satin is a type of fabric. I'm pretty sure you mean 'satan.'

Yeah, the kid must be made of silk.

He'll get quite the static shock

hahaha ...can't spell huh??

4 - probably! I'm sure if he didn't lingerie in the neighbors yard there wouldn't be need for such a demonic device.

That's only slightly overkill.

AnOriginalName 19

Only slightly? I wish all people treated five-year-olds like unruly cattle. It would make life so much easier for the rest of us.

You're right! They had the perfect chance with you...

Gingerette 8

Elephant seals are all the same.. Why are you guys all so bothered by other peoples' actions? You live in the water. Come on. If you didn't swim into boat motors willingly, you'd have no problems.

61; what the fuck kind of reference was that?

MzZombicidal 36

#86, I believe it was in reference to #31's picture.

5 - I don't think we know enough to know if it's overkill or not. If OP has repeatedly been asked to keep their offspring out of the neighbor's yard because they're doing damage of some kind, I don't see this as overkill at all. Court/lawsuits can't be everyone's first stop in conflict resolution.

I bet he will only touch that fence once. Lesson learned don't trespass.

KB616 11

Huh?? Elephant seals? What are you on??

Don't worry he'll learn quick. Hopefully

If not, maybe they'll make the next static shock hero after the kid.

That's unfortunate. I'd keep my son well away from it if I was you.

Then the neighbors plan worked perfectly! I'm sure that's what he wanted.

But then there's keeping the son away for the neighbour's benefit or keeping him away for his own well being (whatever electric shock he'd get)

Wow. Obvious award here.

This is the first FML comment I actually laughed at.

You obviously haven't been on FML for that long, then.

Your shocked? Why did you go and touch the OP's neighbors fence, you knew it was electrified from the FML!

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missyfiona89 28

and children can be VERY annoying. and nosy. and a great nuisance.

SuperMew 22

My neighbors had a six year old girl. She crawled in through our dog door, got into our backyard, and ripped up $300 worth of flowers. We had security cameras up from the last owners, and when we caught them the mother played it off as "oh, she is just a child." We were putting in a pool, so by law we had to get a fence. We decided just to keep everyone out by getting a six foot fence with a huge lock on it. The mother had the nerve to complain that her daughter now had nowhere else to run around on because we had blocked off our property and she was not doing damage to her mother's yard. Then asked to use it.

She actually had the nerve to say that her kid had no room to run about?! Give me strength. Just when you thought you'd heard it all....

SuperMew 22

I think her exact words were, somewhere along the lines of, "I think this is just so rude of you to do. Where is my daughter supposed to run around now? She needs space or she starts to damage property." Then she wanted to know when would be a good time to bring her daughter over to use the pool. Mind you, there is a part literally a block from her house. She was just too lazy to take her kid out. Some people just assume because their kid is young, that the world should to tolerate them. I am sure Op is not as psycho as my chain-smoking, whore of a neighbor... but obviously the kid did something to the neighbor for them to purchase an electric fence. It might have been to prevent any arguments or damage, but people don't usually spend tons of money to keep someone out unless that person is being an annoyance.

The real question is why is he in your neighbors lawn in the first place?

Threnody666 19

I was going to ask the same thing. Keep your kid off other people's property.

When I was young we lived in a neighborhood with houses really close together. We never had problems with keeping unwanted people off our property. This is just a lack of the parents parenting. Tell your child "no" and actually punish them when they don't listen, and you wouldn't have this problem.