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By awwman - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my dad found out that there is a free, 24-hour, 7 days a week, religious channel. Now that's all he watches. FML
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Tell him other channels are free too?

bitch_pleez 10

I'm actually religious myself, but watching only religious tv seems pretty excessive to me...


Tell him other channels are free too?

Did you tell him religion is a lie and that it manipulates people ?

missamerica95 0

Or that they really just want his money?

They see me trollin' They hatin' You caught me writin' dirty You caught me writin' dirty You caught me writin' dirty

caitlingeorgia 0

ohhh fuck your life. must be hard growing up with such an idiot for a father, being a full on religious nut and shit..

makowiec 11

Now that's just judgemental. :/

Nope, just your typical Atheist asshole (I emphasize the asshole as im not saying all atheists are assholes)

#3) and who the fuck are you to call his father an idiot

curlyfry33 8

"being a full on religious nut and shit..." think of it this way "being a full on atheist nut and shit..." what Christians are to you, are what atheists are to Christians ...except we are usually not douches about it, so don't put your douchey 2 cents in every chance you get.

Somehow as I read 3's comment I get the feeling he was being sarcastic... But if he was not, yeah I agree with the rest, fucking atheists should learn how to respect religions and not mock them just because they do not believe. Who knows? These actions could cause an uprising of another syndicate like the ku klux klan albeit one which targets atheists instead of being racists

And isn't it ironic that atheists so often criticize faith by saying it causes people to be hateful and judgmental and to proselytize, all the while proselytizing and being hateful and judgmental themselves?

HoboSmeller 6

tell him to explain evolution to you

He must have nothing else to watch.

I'm like that with the news. I have it on in the background all the time and I even record certain shows. I'm trying to watch entertaining stuff more, because when I talk to people I'm always like, "What do you mean you didn't hear about that???"

bitch_pleez 10

I'm actually religious myself, but watching only religious tv seems pretty excessive to me...

me too, but i disagree with a lot of them especially the ones that constantly ask for money

bitch_pleez 10

16, I completely agree with you. Those types of things are completely unnecessary.

It's not even as benign as unnecessary. It's scamming, pure and simple.

When a mans bored, he's bored?

Shadow_Phantom 26

When a man's bored, he should go have fun with Palmela Handerson. It's healthier.

This comment reminded me of Borat. The movie.

Well if he doesn't ask you to watch it with him, let him do his thing and watch his favorite Channel, nothing wrong with that

Go hide out in a bathroom to escape.

He would have to go see the doctor like our other friend

curlyfry33 8

I see what you did there...

And growing up with a steady religious father is a Fuck Your Life situation, how? Be glad you have your father instead of a God-hating, trashy, bastard. LYL bro, quit bitching.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Oh you mean my very christian father who would beat his children using the excuse 'honor thy mother and father,' thinks that gays are the end of the world (I'm bi,) and is overall un-accepting is NOT a FYL situation? Gladly, he got out of that nonsense, and I'm okay with being around him now, but still... it was not fun. Don't be so judgmental too; I'm god-hating, and far from trashy. :D

While your childhood was tragic & you have my sympathy, it's not comparable to OP's situation. He's complaining about his father watching something he dislikes, not his father abusing him. Also, most Christians aren't like your father. His issues likely had more to with him than his religion.