i'm doing FINE

By tammy999 - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend bumped into me at McDonald's. I was sitting alone at a table with a Big Mac, two large fries, a large drink, and one case of chicken nuggets. FML
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Actually, if your really ******* hungry....that isn't that much. I wouldn't eat that if I bought McDonalds but if I was extremely hungry.

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I'm with number two. Go work out fatty

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Actually she clearly states she was at the table alone. If her friend was in the bathroom she would of said so. There would also be a 2nd drink and this would not be and FML.

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YDI for thinking McDonald's tastes good.

maybe she was with friends.. they just weren't at the table when they bumped into her?

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NEW DISCOVERY!!! chicken nuggets that come in a case!?!

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Same here. YDI, but look at the brightside. With all that food, her life is just amazing! Eating doesn't make you fat, but human. :D Don't shun the Big Mac even if the ex arrives with his new mate. Throw it at them or something, OP! Food can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

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You know, what gives you the right to call anyone a fatty??? Or to tell them to work out???? I am sure that you have eaten McDonald's before. And I am definitely sure you have some demons of your own, ie:putting others down to make you feel less suicidal about your sad life. Examine yourself before you judge others because I am most positive you are not nice enough to look at!

eating at mcdonalds and eating A mcdonalds are two very different things. you know what gives someone the right to call someone else a fatass? their unbroken scale.

wow n1 fatty mcfatterson... how is this an fml?!?

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wow. that's all you ate? maybe he dumped u because ur too too skinny

hahaha loba, u must be a big fatty that eats at mcdonalds and gets laughed at all the time... if someone is fat, ppl have the right to call him/her fat

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@244 i've never been to a macdonalds, or eaten their food. Noteveryone is American.

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Okay, calling this person fat is just dumb. You honestly don't have a right to call someone fat, you may overweight yourself and I bet you wouldn't find it okay if there were people calling you fat. She may be overeating at that moment, but you don't know the whole story.

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way to be a dumass there buddy. McDonalds n Burger King are world wide

nomnomnom, and who cares! he's doesn't belong in your life anymore.

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Shystai, number one **** of you racist and since you pointed it out not American prick, pointing that out was not only pointless, but irrelevant, I know PLENTY of Americans who have never eaten mcd, so now what...and second just like all you assholes on here picking on this OP, I hope you go home cut your own dicks off and choke on them...not only will I then be happy, but you'll be lacking manhood then and then where will you get you're snarly comments from? It's not like you'll be "Dick" enough to come up with them on your own...for anyone who's going to say it, yeah this is an angry post, I'm Dick of his being docks about a girls weight and no I'm not insecure and overweight (I'm 5'9" and AFTER having two beautiful babies weigh 135 [before I was at 125))...so take that and go to hell! :-)

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This is nothing compared to the 50 McDoubles my friends and I have purchased. (On more than one occasion)

I love macd's! Did you tell them you were waiting for a friend? Or sit quietly and eat your problems!?

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seriously just because someone eats at mcdonalds doesn't make them fat. i am very fit and also eat out about once a week at fast food places.

AHAHAHA that's funny shit right there

shystai that's not even your own 6 pack no doubt. stop pretending your not morbidly obese...

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not trying to put you down but really honey? you should never ever eat that much in less than like three or four days!!!!! McD's is soo bad for you, I could never eat that much,don't get me wrong I ****** love cheeseburgers but not with 2 french fries a large drink and I've never eat chicken nuggets they're deepfried fat and the yucky parts that fall off. ewwwwie!!!! babe maybe you should stop at the fries and drink or eat that bigmac with no bun!!! remember less is better!!! and staythe **** away from chicken nuggets remember ewwwwie!!

What the hell 303 she can eat whatever she wants too. What kind of normal person has only a fry and a drink? Or a hamburger without the bun?

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what kind of normal person says "ewwwie"

girl overeating because her boyfriend dumped her where have I seen this befor other than everywhere hmm

wow ur life really is ******... ur ex bf saw u eating lots wow that's going to change everything for you now seems he already has a new gf

half of these fml's are fake why would you eat so much people must just sit around with no life and think of exaggerated fake stories to post