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By laststand11 - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Lexington

Today, I had to explain to my 15-year-old son why it wouldn't be a good idea to include a picture of the red Power Ranger in his "Weapons throughout history" project. FML
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Jesta05 0

personally, I would award an automatic a + for that

How dare you. Jason Lee Scott saved the world so many times. Power Rangers need to be mentioned.


hellbilly205 17

And the problem...is? The Original power rangers is a part of my childhood history...seems more then appropriate to me.

He should know the white ranger is better.

blackheart24 10

No no no, the red power ranger is the best. Duh.

Idonebeenhad 17

I don't see the problem here.

Well the red power ranger is the best by far. So who wouldn't want to put that on a project?!?!?

Op should be proud of raising there son the right was lolz

**** Power Rangers...I would put on some badass Tellie Tubbies. Don't you know that cuteness has been a formidable weapon for ages?

to be fair though, and the red power ranger is a weapon of mass destruction.

You know whos going to be living in your basement in 10 years

OP in ten years: *sigh* WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. Why did he fail his weapons throughout history project? (hears Power Rangers in the basement) Oh, that's right.*facepalm*

How dare you. Jason Lee Scott saved the world so many times. Power Rangers need to be mentioned.

digitaljunky 5

Jason lee Scott... Damn I wish I had three first names lol

sirhobothesecond 3

digitaljunkie... can't tell if being sarcastic, or just very stupid.

KittyJay 3

I see nothing wrong with his decision...

Let him do it! Sometimes teachers have a sense of humor.

perdix 29

Trebuchet Musket A-bomb Power Ranger Ninja Mutant Turtle Rick rolling As long as you get the weapons in the right order, it makes sense.

Turtles would come before Power Rangers.

perdix 29

Oops, I stand corrected. So, where would Popeye fit in?

if it was the old school power rangers, you shouldn't have stopped him. but if it was any of the new ones, you're a good parent.

MyChemicalSmosh 4

Let's just hope his next history project isn't on torture and that he would like to use the pink ranger in the project...

Congratulations, you are a sick, sick bastard. And I understood that reference.