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  ABillOnFire  |  15

I wasn't aware sexting was immoral and harmful, stop being so preachy

  Blink_me26  |  21

What are you talking about? Sexting isn't illegal. And there's nothing wrong with doing it, we can't just assume he's a creepy bloke sending his dick to various women, he might have had a gf on the other end disappointed she didn't receive her picture.

  rockstar362  |  8

Sexting while driving is illegal. Sexting a minor as an adult is illegal. But just regular sexting? No that's just a good bit of regular fun. And If they were going to illegalize sexual acts/fetishes, sexting would not be the first to go!

  MrsDruidess  |  23

totally YDI!! Don't ever take a photo that you are unwilling to show everyone. Even if you send it to your GF/BF its still out there. My husbands phone automatically sends his photos to his cloud, lots of people's do. You also have the worry about it being posted or used against you if you break up. Polaroids are the only ones that are semi safe and even then you have to maintain complete ownership of them. The question here is not so much legality or morality, its stupidly! So yeah OP YDI completely.

  ElizabethNL93  |  20

I think that if he wants to send nudes, that's his business. I think it is a 'ydi' situation because he somehow managed to send his dad a pic when it was meant for 'whoever'. I think that the only way that this is plausible is if he had two conversations going at once, one being with his dad, and he accidentally replied to the wrong thread. Or if the girl had a name that started with the same letter as the name that he has his dad put under in his phone.

  GamerG0DDESS  |  29

Over where I live, sexting gets you fined heavily, there has also been talk about making it illegal because of all the bullying and suicides. I just don't see why kids nowadays do not realize how mortifying it could be. If the person they sent the nude to were to be a complete jack anus and send it around school that would be awful! Yet the generation that is making its way into adulthood is a society of sex, drugs, and parties. I wish these kids could have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others. When a father came to school about his son (who committed suicide) everyone talked about it on Facebook for approximately 2 days before going back to badgering the innocent kids who just want to get through life. I hope a law gets passed to stop sexting, bullying, etcetera; at the very least there should be a increase in enforcement against the acts.

  mFUNdo21  |  17

sexting is not illegal as long as the sender and recipient are not minors. if they are then it's child porn. those people who get their pics sent about the school are probably underage and so THEY are doing something illegal, not sexters who are of age

  XSimpleDesignX  |  18

I don't see why y'all are fighting over this.
#1 is right if he didn't send pictures it wouldn't happen.
Doesn't mean he shouldn't send them, just that it's easily preventable if they didn't.

I just don't see how it could've went to his dad. Anytime I send a picture I double and triple check who I'm sending it to so that I can prevent this sort of thing.

  xoxo_tsth  |  3

uhm, underage sexting is illegal due to the 'child porn' implication while decisions are made immaturely. had the op been 19 then its perfecting legal and ok.

By  anjila77  |  6

Accidents happen, oh well!

  ilytyvm  |  25

There is a thing called 'long distance relationships' where getting some action in person is sorta next to impossible. In situations like that, pictures are what get you from one visit to the next. Some people also use pictures to make a big day of sex. My fiancé has sent me pictures while I was at work to get the ball rolling and I've done the same. It adds the expectancy thrill when you have to wait all day to come home and "get the D."

Snorax wouldn't know anything about that, though. Would he?

  jasmine2301  |  25

Get the pole out your ass, its FML it's about jokes!

  junkman6  |  22

My old man would have said "next time keep the zoom down to 100x this is too grainy to be realistic. A chick will definitely be able to tell." Ahh I miss the vindictive old bastard :P