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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - Sweden

Today, I had to basically ground my own husband, after he tricked our 6-year-old son into getting his tongue stuck to a frozen pole. FML
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Tell me you took a picture

Making his own Christmas Story, hmm?


Tell me you took a picture

I hope he recorded it!

It could be the beginning of the reign of a new meme...

Making his own Christmas Story, hmm?

"I triple dog dare you!"

Just don't give him a Red Ryder BB Gun.

You just know he'll shoot his eye out

Because he's frageelay

Where's the leg lamp

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I still do it and I'm 22 lol

That's something you shouldn't be proud of and never share. Haha.

I've never done it, and those pictures are fake.

you shouldn't, it's fairly dangerous.

There's better frozen, (and thawed/defrosted, non-frozen/fresh), things you can tease your tongue with, my dear. Perhaps you need to go on a journey of self discovery to broaden your horizons... Try tongue-ercise with another girl. The taste and feel is amazingly different, yet sensually comforting. It's something that, I believe, all females should try & form their own conclusions about. I highly recommend it.

The fuck..? ^^

This made my day!

How mean! Tell him that to make up for what he did, that he now has to do the same and have your son watch.

So that actually can happen in real life? Interesting. .

8- Maybe you should try it and record it for us.

I hope your soon is ok. That's ridiculously dangerous.

You learn through experience and licking poles apparently

dont be such a scrooge