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Today, I accidentally clamped my hair straightener down on my ear. Eleven hours later, it still feels like I have a burning, swollen fireball hanging off the side of my head. FML
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Ouchh! I do that sometimes, hurts bad! Put some ice on it?

so is your ear straight now?


your dumb!!!!! did u not learn first aid and put cold water on it, and u couldn't have left it on for that long unless it was the oldest straightner In the world lol!!!

omg, I can't even imagine what that feels like! :(

soo painful straighteners are evil

it feels like a burning hair straightener closed on your ear. just thought I'd let u know

My original comment was meant for 30.

42 actually potatoes are evil

"Beauty is pain"

agreed. it will happen to every girl at least once (:

now she can hear stright!

why weren't you watching where you pit your flat iron?

hehehe yup yup lolz

so is your ear straight now?

straight as a round about

^ lmao that was an epic answer

Ouchh! I do that sometimes, hurts bad! Put some ice on it?

I'm no doctor, but I've heard ice is not the best solution.

Yeah 52 is right. Cold water helps :)

Really? Never heard that one.. what's wrong with ice?

The drastic change in temperature will destroy nerve endings.

The ice will increase the burning sensation before actually cooling it off.

Someone told me to put honey on a will reduce scaring too...then someone told me to use toothpaste on a burn...try either...

sometimes I burn myself when I straighten my nipple hair

112- I can attest to that, toothpaste works. It has a cooling effect.

Wouldn't the acid in toothpaste make the burn worse and sting more?

wow 116, that's happened to me too, it helps if you let them grow extra long;) lmao

I agree with 131. And whoever said mustard I think that would burn too. But I think honey would be a good idea, never heard that before.

Maybe put some aloe on it..and owie :/ sorry OP. I have totally done that myself..the crap girls go through to look "good"

137. that is soooo sexy ;) hahah oh god

139- mustard does help. my friend uses it at work. he's a chef.

Aloe Vera is the best for anything from sun burns to flying bacon grease burns and even hair straighten burns. It takes the burning sensation away and speeds up the healing. Also it is 100% Natural, comes straight from the plant.

wow I totally just sounded like a Salesman.

LOL ^ free advertising. B) yeee.

OP needs to find a lactating women and squirt some breast milk on the helps a lot!!

Ice wrapped in a towel is fine, but you don't want direct contact.

Also, I'm not sure you want to cover it in honey, the heat needs to be able to escape or you'll further damage the tissue. works though. A nurse told me about the toothpaste..

in first aid they just said cool running water and wrap loosely in cling film or a clean cloth then go see your doctor :O

try a mix of all of the above

yogurt! plain yogurt works for most burns takes out the temperature.

I can see using honey once the you've cooled off the tissue affected by the burn, but applying it just after the burn seems like a bad idea.

I hate long comments on FML. FML

ouch!!! well hopefully you felt the burning so you didnt keep your straightener on it... so at least it wont b too bad...

wait! what if she was blond... oh no!

lol..I accidentally burned myself ironing...from being in shock of the burn I held it there for like a couple of seconds...and I'm pretty sure my hair is black.

I've honestly never done that. I usually burn myself on the hair I've just straightened

me too!! I think that's why my fingers are tough and dry!!!

guys won't like tat much 36, use moisturizer

I hate it when that happens.

Doesn't seem to bother my husband.

I haven't done that either haha I really don't see how you can mistakingly do that...

thats What i Do too :)

Ahh me too, I recently got a burn mark on my forehead from a curling iron.

Been there, done that. Sucks so much.

I do that all the time!! Ugh.

your a champ then, sound like it hurts

for as much girls straighten their hair you would think they'd be better at I wrong?

No your not wrong. We should be better at it. But we're not. :/

Ouch, better ice that right away or take it to a doctor if the swelling doesnt go down.

Haven't you read all the comments they are all doctors and they say ice is really bad lol jk.

Dancing, screaming, itching, squealing fevered... Feeling hot hot hot.

hey hey hey but i like it when that lightning comes :)

Hey hey hey!!! Yes I like it a lot.

yeah...I'm definitely missing something here^

Song by The Cure.