By deathstar3548 - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Orlando

Today, I learned that even though a woman has a baby carriage and seems friendly, she won't be afraid to mug you in front of her kid. FML
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F that baby's life.... He or she will have a terrible mother!

Rosebudx 32

That's a common scam, actually. Sometimes they don't even have a baby in the carriage. Fyl indeed, OP.


F that baby's life.... He or she will have a terrible mother!

Her kid HAS a bad mother. Hope for an epiphany , or CPS to get involved !

what if there wasn't any baby?? *mindblown*

Except it explicitly says in front of her kid . Hmm must be a life like doll next her huh ?!

Or maybe op thought it was a child because he saw the baby carriage, but the robber could just be using that to trick people

incoherentrmblr 21

Plot twist: She's walking down the street later and her carriage gets hit by the bus from the movie Speed...

Rosebudx 32

That's a common scam, actually. Sometimes they don't even have a baby in the carriage. Fyl indeed, OP.

What? How does your comment have any relevance?

IllegalName 8

that's a bad reputation of America and its glory. you just dishonored your family, the citizens and the military in those 3 words.

Good thing I'm Canadian. At least here our muggers take the time to say how sorry they are.

these 'murica comments are always so annoying, as if it cant happen anywhere else...

I never heard of a place named "Murica" #19 so, you're wrong in assuming he referred to a specific country.

jazzy_123 20

a lady by my work always stands asking for money. She's so pregnant that one day she's going to pop. She comes into the store to get water and always pulls her phone out. We sometimes wonder if she really is pregnant. Her clothes is decent for being a homeless and her nails are usually nicely painted and not chipped. hmmm...

Rosebudx 32

I got warned about this when I was studying in Europe. I think it's an international issue.

You're right #58. You call Interpol, I'll call James Bond.

Yeah there probably wasn't a baby in there :p sorry you got mugged :(

Rainhawk94 27

Easier than taking candy from a baby

I hope the child was actually her's. If she mugged you in front of a kid, she might be capable of kidnapping too.

People usually kidnap children and raise them as their own as a result of a serious mental illness. People mug other people to make a few bucks, but I see where you're coming from.

Mugging someone and kidnapping are two very different territories

MzZombicidal 36

That is just absolutely awful... If there WAS actually a baby, I feel so bad for the little one... If not, then she's a huge bitch for using such a horrible scam and stealing from a trusting person... Then again, most thieves ARE bitched, eh? I'm sorry that happened, OP. I hope she didn't get away with anything too important!

I guess you've never worked at Chuck E Cheese's. Moms can be awful.

IllegalName 8

the ones you wanna pull by the hair and show them whose the dominate one ? :p just kidding

That sounds like one of your fantasies about making someone become a mom.

jazzy_123 20

11, well, my bf works at chuck-e-cheese and a woman came in with her family, bought $80 worth of food, let all her kids eat it and right in front of them demanded her money back because the "food was cold". She might not have done anything to her kids but she's teaching them to lie and scam and that's not right. Unfortunately for her, my bf didn't give in (he works kitchen so he took the food fresh) and pissed her off and she stormed out empty handed x)

Sounds like such a terrible person and mother. So sorry to hear about that OP.

kids are expensive, you have to pay for them one way or the other

Encouraging words... Do you tell that to all the new parents out there?

so because people are stupid to have kids knowing they can't afford them, that gives them a right to rob someone? yeah, okay.

Good for her, combining work and family life. (/sarcasm)