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  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

I like MLIA, but I don't believe half of those stories. Also most of them aren't really "average"... I've never had teachers have a nerf gun fight, or found my true love by singing some song in my car, or anything like that... So yeah... Also I've never seen Harry Potter, nor am I 100% sure on what Twilight even is. Blah.

  sublime2craig  |  0

this is not a far out thing. I almost cut my finger off trying to remove a zip tie my dumb ass put on my finger. but I have to say it cure my case of a boring work day.

  MQ_was_here  |  0

Yeah, you see there is no concept of calling out "FIRST" when it comes to replying to the second post. -_-

As for the actual FML, I've never tried those so that is definitely on my to-do list. Really.

  jakeomatic  |  0

Just to clarify, I was first to comment on the second post, then someone said I failed, then I indicated that I was replying to the second comment.


  Rick_S  |  3

Today, I celebrated the 5 month anniversary of losing my job by moving the last of my belongings out of my house. The bank wanted it back, and I had to leave it empty. FML

Pretty much, you need to get a good grip on the fact that ANY job, no matter how boring, is better than unemployment, which is what a lot of people are facing in this economy.