Best day of my life

By poorgirl - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my dad threw up on my dress. My wedding dress. While he was walking me down the aisle. FML
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Already drunk? What a trooper.

Lisimal 7

He sure gave you his last blessings.


ouch. i dont wanna know why

decoybag 0

LOL he was probably nervous ;)

bugmenotmofo 34

YDI for not being able to spell down

Uhh..So if something bad happened to them, and they make one small typo in this FML, so he/she deserved it?

@ 40 Already explained his redneckness in comment 29 :P

#30 YDWorse for being mean about a obvious typo

Why is everyone talking about spelling errors??? seems to me it clearly says DOWN

Reyo 2

@109: THANK YOU! Down is spelled right...are people that desperate when it comes to finding spelling errors?

No, no... it originally said "dow" instead of "down" but a moderator fixed it later.

#30 down is spelt right

thank u it clearly does say DOWN

Boygenius50 8

He saw the groom for the first time

well, that BLOWS

Already drunk? What a trooper.

Zhejan 0

Or a storm trooper

Or a short man with a pimp cane, who decided to ruphie your dad for the fun of watching you suffer

jamieleigh_315 0

how is he a redneck ??

or nerves? not everyone is a douche ya know...

MistrSteezy 0

oooh fyl ur dads a dick

flyboy57 0

was he already drinking? before the ceremony?

Let's hope his speech turned out alright.


They forgot to mention they were male. (LOL I'm sorry...)

Lisimal 7


Lisimal 7

He sure gave you his last blessings.

that's why my dad ain't coming when I get married. that, and the fact that in Canada, I don't need daddy's blessing, not for a lesbian marriage.

145: Just because the father is walking her down the aisle doesn't mean she needed his blessing

Well, now atleast you got something old.

beannlove 7

it could possibly pass as something old, and something borrowed.. wonder if it was blue, too?

tapesculpture 0

awe im sorry D: