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Maybe surprise party later? Who knows.

Ouch. Sorry op, happy birthday!


Ouch. Sorry op, happy birthday!

Yes, how dare you make everyone but the creepy guy forget!

Happy Birthday op!! hope you have a good day (:

It sounds like 16 Candles.

Happy Birthday :D. Try to make it one to remember. My family has forgotten my birthday 7 times. My life is a mix between the Breakfest Club and 16 Candles, I hope yours is so excting too :).

At least someone remembered... I feel for you, OP, and happy birthday!

Wait till people check their Facebooks. Then they'll magically remember its your birthday.

Hey OP, just wanted to tell you that your new shampoo fixed a lot of your split ends and I told you earlier but I'll tell you again! Happy birthday! -From me aka creepy English guy ;)

I think it's time to invest in a rape whistle

You aren't by any chance a member of Charlie's Angels are you?

Too bad you're getting thumbed down. I also thought of Crispin Hellion Glover (What a name!) and his crazy character from the Charlie's Angel's movies. He played that guy obsessed with pulling out Drew Barrymore's hair and smelling it! ***When I first saw Charlie's Angels, I remember thinking! "Damn that's the same guy that played George McFly from "Back to the Future!" :P

^losers in da house

Charlie's Angels is a great reference for crazy hair smelling guys. Obviously the thumbs down are from a much younger age group that has a LOT of great movies to catch up on. He was also the guy that was the rat whisperer

I agree, widdog. This was a great reference. Some people are so quick to thumb things down. I actually enjoy comments such as those and try to figure out if there's a hidden meaning I'm missing. (: I knew right away what #2 was talking about. I've seen too many great movies myself. And speaking about Crispin Hellion Glover, I knew his name right away because I just watched him in "River's Edge" playing On Demand in my "free movies" section. (: what a fucking weird ass movie!

*awkward face* (whisper voice) not getting the reference>.

83/ Oh yes, we have to catch up on all these deep, meaningful Michael Bay movies! :-l

No one expects you guys to pull up these movies from the archives. If you found a vhs you probably wouldnt know what to do with it anyway. Just enjoy your iPod world and prepare to tell your kids about how you had to physically move a mouse around or move your finger across a touch pad.

Maybe surprise party later? Who knows.

#3 Exactly what I was thinking!

Yeah, maybe they want OP to think they forgot so the party will be a surprise! But it'll really suck if they actually did forget. Happy birthday, OP!

At least someone remembered right? :) happy birthday!

At least someone remembered? In all seriousness, happy birthday!!! Go to a movie

I voted YDI. OP can't appreciate someone telling her happy birthday, and has to always look at the bad part.

Well, at least you have us to tell you happy birthday!

Happy birthday (:

AH1Z Viper, your bio reminds me of the movie Ted, with the Apache helicopter joke.


I'm a death machine.

Haha, forever alone:3

At least someone remembered, even if it was the class creep. Happy birthday Op (:

It's not his fault your hair smells so good~

Well at least he cares to remember, maybe he's not that bad after all! Or, maybe not... Happy birthday!

It's okay, OP. He'll surprise you later. Happy Birthday!

In which way?

Hopefully not with your scary face profile pic, #29. Lol.

It's my 17th birthday too! No creepy guy in English class for me but crazy family singing to me as I'm trying to sleep -____-

I'm sure OP feels so much better now. Happy birthday to you too, though.

12--way to make OP feel like shit.