By knzknz - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I was asked if my bellybutton was an 'innie' or an 'outtie.' My bellybutton has been hidden by fat for so long that I couldn't remember. FML
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Not an inni or an outi. That's what we call a 2nd vagini.


Emo_Girl01 0

Haha thats funny. "be proud"

Hey, be proud of your innie, it means your doctor cut the correct amount of umbilical cord, outies mean he didn't do as well. Oh, and if you're a dude, don't stick your fingers in there. It hurts the manly gems.

Midrash 5

I guess op never heard of a treadmill

6, your comment was funny but you do know the shape of your bellybutton has nothing to do with how it was cut, right? (:

Nikon MicroscopyU states that the protrusion of skin that is also known as an 'outtie' is caused by excess skin remaining after the umbilical cord is severed.

Well, I'm an innie and my mom kept my umbilical cord (yeah, I know, gross) and that thing is super long. I'm not sure what to believe now.

20- is it going to be passed down generations in your family now? I wish my family had something like that...

Ummm sure. Never really thought about it. Maybe they'll use it to clone me, along with all my baby teeth (:

enonymous 8

I was surprised myself when I was asked this. I was even more shocked by the fact I was wrong and thought it was an outtie but my doctor advised me it was my penis

If your penis is in the middle of your stomach then something is really wrong lol

20- wait, but cant ur umbilical cord still be really long even if a little is left on ur body? huh? huh?

^^^Only you people can make me want to read about bellybuttons...

50- in men, the nerves in the belly button are the same nerves that connect to your penis and testicles.

Epikouros 31

Ah, thanks for enlightening me, Keyman. Now I understand why I like putting clothes pins around my belly button. (Not on it, because it's an innie.)

Keyman is the man. I don't think it hurts though but I can feel it. It's an odd sensation.

kelsey_katie 17

50, I was on the school bus the other day, and I poked my friend David in the bellybutton, on accident, and he freaked out and was all "WOAH! that was my bellybutton." and he winced in pain. I do believe that 6's comment is true:p

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I'm half innie, half outie. The doctor ****** up on me.

You have to be severely obese to still not know.

And dumb, because being obese automatically makes it an innie...

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The only to find out is to lose weight

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I don't think I've ever seen a fat/fluffy person with an ottie now that I think of it.

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I'm not skinny and I definantly have an inne outies look silly o_0

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What's the age of consent in Nevada, #21?

I hate people that say "eat a salad". It's a lot harder than that and people that say that have obviously never had to try to lose weight. Stop being inconsiderate.

Oh? My bellybutton? I haven't seen it in a while. It's a full time ninja you know.