You tried…

By Emoney1 - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I stopped to help a stranded motorist. I yelled out my window, "Hey do you need a hand?" The guy was just standing beside his car taking a piss. FML
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So did you help him?

And people wonder why they get kidnapped. "You need a hand?" "No, I want the whole arm, Martinez get the Machete!"


So did you help him?

Did you lend him your hand?

Did you assist him?

You know, you get a badge for that.

did you clap and cheer?

All hands on deck! But you really should have helped the poor man out, OP.

Did he yell "Fire in the hole!" like Tosh.O and pee in your car?

all hands on the cockpit

At least he wasn't masturbating

It would've been funny if he turned around and peed in your face :D

35, you seemed to have put an e where there should be an i..

Aw OP you know you wanted to help him :P.

I need all the hands I can get in the bathroom tio

Really, I find the only way I can use the bathroom, is when I have severed feet surrounding the urinal. That's also how I get a whole public bathroom and prison cell too myself.

no 23. just no.

he may need help shaking.

I bet he shook his heads, in "no"........

Did he wash his hands?

This situation seems a bit shaky. Did he leak the details to you in a steady stream or did he have trouble flushing the details for you?

67, urine a lot of trouble for pissing me off with that pun!

Hahaha Double, no Triple, no QUADRIPLE PUN!!!

so did you help hold up that monster?

You should have crossed streams :D

so did he need a "Hand" ?

yea, shake it for me

You should have given him the extra hand anyway.

Cue the bad Porno music.

I can use a hand.