Wakey wakey

By fuuuuck - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had a big presentation to do at work, so I got up early and ran myself a bath. I woke up three hours later, extremely late, and still in the bath. FML
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Sorry but the first thing I thought of is how wrinkly your fingers must've been haha

every1luvsboners 11

Tell them your house flooded and as you swam in to save the notes for the presentation you were attacked by beavers that had taken over your house and held you hostage for 3 hours as they demanded bacon bits. Sounds legit.


Those baths can be very relaxing..

That's why I always sleep early before the day of a presentation

Your lucky you didn't drown... Falling asleep while taking a bath is really dangerous.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

I bet OP looked like a real prune by the time he got out.

Maybe you should've just taken a bath instead of running cuz that probably tired you out :/

BayleeWasHere 1

Same here. Done it once. Those pink bubbles can really calm a person! xD

Do you have downs?^

Meh, I fall asleep in the bath tub all the time, happens to the best of us, sucks that you were late.

Lmao all of you who downed my comment got trolled lol. I know it's an expression just like to "draw a bath" is not to make a picture of a bath :D

I fall asleep in my bathtub Quite often, so far I have not drowned or woke up gasping for breath... Which makes me feel like I am part turtle.

That water bill tho

That stinks..at least you were clean!

I wouldn't say that, you're still bathing in your germs...

And not dead.

Why would you take a bath knowing you had to go to work?

bitchslapped22 14

Hence why he said "I got up early"

Most likely the big presentation was stressing him so he took a bath to relax before it. It was just too effective =D

amanda_say_whutt 9

I dunno, s

amanda_say_whutt 9

I dunno, some people like being clean before they go into work..strange right ?

bitchslapped22 14

Thanks man, you too ^

KiddNYC1O 20

4- Seriously? I always shower before work or going out. It's called getting up earlier.

Cuz you smell like shit? Or you wanna look good for your presentation?

chickenflem 8

I think 4 means y would he take a bath as opposed to a shower......and that's bcuz he said he got up early and I agree that his presentation was probably stressing him out so he decided to take a bath

saIty 17

Was it a bubble bath? Baths help one really think, so I'm sure the bath gave you some amazing ideas through your dreams.

bitchslapped22 14

Ideas he can save for his next big presentation! Assuming he doesn't get fired

TheClumsiest 0

your pic is awesome xD

Sorry but the first thing I thought of is how wrinkly your fingers must've been haha

LegalyWhite 7

After sitting in the bath for almost 3 hours he must look like a dried rasian lol

HondaKidd 5

I'm still debating on whether your comment was racial or you just can't spell raisin.. Either way I laughed. Thanks

You must look like your 95 with all those wrinkles

Look on the bright side, at least you didn't drown!

natashax21 5

Those sneaky bathtubs:(

That's just to bad