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By Shivvy - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, I came downstairs disappointed thinking that my parents had forgotten my birthday. Turns out they didn't forget, they just couldn't be bothered to do anything for it. FML
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aw how mean !!

nokel11 7

what asshole parents you have! :(


aw how mean !!

helloletsgo 0

at least they didn't forget

TheDrop 0

at least they didnt... wait there is no good side to this, your parents don't care about you

totally agree lol ^^

rockyraccoon28 8

21, I would rather have them forget than know and not care.

I agree with 1 u need a happy birth day hug and a happy birthday as well hope it went well other then that

aw sorry op. happy birthday tho!

nokel11 7

what asshole parents you have! :(

Kelita 0

I think it's wrong of them to not care BUT u shouldn't call her parents assholes.

Kelita 0

34 no need to b a smartass. I understand it wasn't right that they didn't care but doesn't give someone the right to call someones parents assholes.

samadams42 0

maybe they were planning a surprise party for you who knows

therealdavid 0

34~ STFU and respect woman! Especially hot ones!:P

Kelita 0

58 and I don't respect guys wit small packages :-)

godnbad 0

happy birthday :)

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a_girl_i_know 0

birthdays are over rated anyway

skanksonaplane 0

^very much agreed!

I agree also.

#20: And you don't like that because...?

blink831forever 13

Happy Birthday OP! I'm sorry that your parents suck monkey balls enough to not do a Damn thing for your b-day. Also I think its bloody awesome that you live in Bristol.

sux op but hopefully ur friends did sumtin for u

At least they didn't forg-- yeah, never mind. FYL.

not funny but true

You'll live. It's not like theyve paid for your entire life or anything.

I like your hair :D

thanks lol :)

That's what parents are supposed to do.

scottovious 0

Show some titty and put out and maybe they'll do something next time.