Tonight, on First Dates…

By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Israel

Today, I went on a date with a woman. She brought along her stuffed rabbit, and introduced us. FML
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Well, how weird would it have been had she not introduced you two?!

A7X_LoVeee 10

Sounds like a keeper.


thisdue1775 0


A7X_LoVeee 10

Sounds like a keeper.

you should have a tea party

I thought the exact same thing

sourgirl101 28

10, is that so he won't be "Late for an important date"?(:

um...who doesn't bring along their stuffed animals on dates?! especially since it was Easter of course she's gunna bring her stuffed bunny!

omg i'd have told her to wait a second and then I'd get my stuffed hedgehog from my car. His name is "Hamster" best part is I really do have a stuffed hedgehog in my car I named hamster, he sits on my dash.

did someone say bunny?

Nope they said rabbit :(

MissFukMyLuck 0

42- +10 cool points, I bring my Winnie the Pooh sleep buddy everywhere!!! but then again I want to be single ;) no one can say I didn't try!

missbunny.....I secretly think you're hot :o

haha I recently found my stuffed racoon from when I was a baby. I named him Ricky Racoon, my parents said that name was from a Barney song so that's where I got it from lol

62, shit. -.- *crawls back in hole* 64, :o shall I take that as a compliment...?

MissFukMyLuck 0

^ take it as a compliment! mighty fine girl! today the role of creeper played by...

67, have no fear for 42 did indeed mention bunny :) I would take it as a compliment. But what would I know.

okay I have taken it as a compliment. thank you, Haley. :D Marinus, yes, I knew it! *crawls back out of hole*

I also have a Ricky Raccoon...

TinyDude 10

hu can deny the awesomeness of stuffed bunnies.

so whats the rabbits name?

"Looks just like the one we we had for dinner last night!" :D

don't judge a book by it's cover

114 - are you trying to tell us not to be disgusted by you just because you're fat?

missbunny you really like your hole. you should put it on MTV cribs or something. and maybe renovate the door so you don't have to crawl thru it?

119 that's pretty hard to do lol

119, I doubt it's his real picture. It's fake. Being that truly morbidly obese needs two pictures for it to fully fit in.

A7X_LoVeee 10

114's picture is on google images. If you honestly thought it was real then you're an idiot.

wow, you guys fail at sarcasm

maybe it really is 114s pic. and one of that persons friends put it up on google. cuz its gross

ahahaha you fools crack me up, don't let me interrupt you..go on, continue ;D

maybe the rabbit is a bit overprotective.... or it was lonely:(

Rawr100 0

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Was its name Frank and is your girlfriend fond of calling people fuckasses? If so... run.

well how did your threesome go??) I'm sure the stuffy would totally go for you OP

Mr babbits is that u?

that's a little odd...

SmallyBigs 9

I guess he's not an animal person...

I hope it wasn't a live rabbit stuffed :p

yougotapes 7

lol creepy

CryBabyCry224 0

haha mest

ImaWiseGuy 5

hopefully you did the only thing logical, introduce your trouser snake....

just think if she has team animals how much worse that would be. She probably has full blown conversations with them!

jane79 0

lol that's a win

bah real animals not team animals stupid iPhone auto correct bah!

no it's completely normal :)

fyl for not bringing your rabbit

JayBear14 11

I guess she decided between the time he asked her on a date and the time of the actual date that she didn't want to date him. odd.. but pretty effective.

Purple_Princess0_fml 0

This chic should be tossed in a loony bin hahaha

Well, how weird would it have been had she not introduced you two?!

Me654 0

your so bunny

EmoGiana 0

It wouldn't be very weird, It would be rude! I introduce my vibrator on all my first dates.

callofduty4life 0


did you show her your " stuffed rabbit " ??

Me654 0

your so bunny

Airborn0280 18


i didnt even laugh at this. i was too busy sitten frozen in shock at how weird that is...all i can say is :O

ramboman19 8

Hahahaha wow

could have been worse. she could have been a man...unless OP's flexible with that criteria

She doesn't want to date you so she is trying to scare you away with the crazy girl act.

sailorzoe 14

Sounds reasonable.

reminds mr of that episode of 30 rock where lemon dresses as princess Lea so the court thinks she's crazy

The OP should've only addressed the rabbit and not his date.

lotuscoast 0

that would have been awesome!

Sounds like something I would do!!!

I like your tatoos. I have a few myself. they're sweet.

Garytt 0

it is cute :o

Haha yeah, maybe I'm weird but I find this sort of cute.

I won't deny it's certainly strange but it could have been worse... For example, Today, I continued my 25 year tradition of not having a date... fml. Was the bunny the only thing off about her?

Maybe she thought you were going to stuffed animal picnic.

a picnic of just carrots!

justysgirl 3

it's your fault for not knowing she was weird in the first place

um he could have not known her that long..

Well, that's what dating is for. It's amazing how many rats come out of the woodwork on a first date...

hubla 0

and it's your fault for being ugly

thisdue1775 0

she probably thought you were going on a date with a rabbit