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By thistownneedsanenema - / Monday 29 January 2018 08:00 / United States - Cape Girardeau
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By  AzrielB  |  8

Being the best at what you do is the worst way to get a promotion. For example, would you promote the best salesman in the company to management, or keep them where they generate the most value?

By  TheHarvardian  |  25

Dude, I've been there. I was more qualified for a promotion than someone else one time, and my boss gave it to me then quit. Turns out he didn't process the paperwork correctly, so I did the job without the pay increase for two months waiting for the new manager to fix it. Then the incoming manager said I couldn't actually have the promotion and she gave it to the guy who got her the job, the same guy I was more qualified than in the first place.

By  Brooke Rodgers  |  12

FUCKING same. I've been here longer, work harder and do thing without being asked. My coworker was hired a couple months after me and needs asked to do any task. Also doesn't know how to do basically anything. He got promoted over me because my boss "didn't want to promote a female on third shift for security concerns." 🙄🙄🙄

By  honestjane  |  21

Just went through the same thing. This person is psycho, screams at other agencies on the phone, and stirs up shit constantly. But she does a ton of work. Just kidding! They only think she does because she announces every goddam thing she does like a it's a production. I'm leaving soon. I'm tired of sociopaths getting promoted.

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