By Kit - / Thursday 15 June 2017 08:00 / United States - Greenville
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By  Schwuppdiwupp  |  8

I hate how people get so freaking annoying about birthdays. Come on, it's just a day, and it happens every year again and again. How is that day so important if the guy treats you nicely all other days of the year?

By  sororitytaylor  |  22

I mean, it's kind of hard to remember that it's someone else's birthday when you're excited for your own. I was born on my mom's birthday and sometimes I forget I have to share it with her, someone I've lived with my whole life. If you're recently dating, I'm not surprised he forgot.

By  Schwuppdiwupp  |  8

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By  HalfLit  |  17

Birthdays are important though. I've had people I care about forget my birthday and vice versa. It sucks when it happens but it does. Answer those times with forgiveness. At the same time though, always celebrate the day you were born! It's a celebration and appreciation of life itself! Just offer to do something together :)

By  unsealingkale  |  18

Did you acknowledge his? Did he still not acknowledge yours after that, if you did? Either one of you could be at fault, if either of you are at all. We need more info to judge. Kinda petty nonetheless.

By  Cynical_1  |  26

It's kind of hard to believe that he just forgot given the circumstances. Not acknowledging the birthday of an individual that is supposed to be an important person in your life is a very thoughtless and uncaring act. Either you really aren't that important to him or he is just a thoughtless, uncaring person. Either way if were you OP, I would seriously consider re-evaluating the relationship.

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