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By nonnified - / Sunday 24 June 2018 19:00 /
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Top comments
  melisssa87  |  28

It wasn’t direct to me and clearly not to OP either. I rather get a straight answer than to make assumptions. I have never been cool and all the girls aren’t the same

By  Chazzster  |  19

One thing is for sure - Communications between these two is a big problem. OP - It never hurts to ask what the other person really means.

There is also a very different possible interpretation of the story. These two may be very young. OP may be thinking of a physical, sexual relationship as “a relationship” while the girl may not be ready for that and she is thinking of a strictly emotional relationship as a “relationship.” I think the odds are higher for this interpretation than that she’s looking for a “Friends with Bennefits” situation.

OP - Communications are critical in any human relationship. It certainly sounds like you are getting mixed signals or just possibly only picking up on what you want to hear. It cannot hurt to ask her face to face (alone, no others in the conversation) what she is looking for in a relationship and give her the space to tell you and explain. You have nothing to lose at this point by asking and potentially much to gain - Even if you only learn how to communicate with the opposite sex.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  15

She wants you to fill the void in her life / body.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

Just hit it and quit it.

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