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By Anonymous - / Saturday 21 October 2017 01:30 /
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  yeongji  |  29

How does that even relate?

1. Healthcare is better here than most countries, but ambulances are not free. Most of it is covered by the government, and yet most complain about the mere 16% of the cost they have to pay.

2. Healthcare hotline do not transfer calls to ED so that they can provide the caller with advice. The hotline exists for a reason and it is illegal for ED to do so. One cannot be diagnosed based on what is said over the line. We are nice, but we can differentiate between what is professionalism and not professionalism.

3. Like the previous point, we are nice, but we do not send ambulances to pick people up. Dispatch does that and paramedics do not work for hospitals. The only ambulances we do arrange are to other healthcare facilities or for transfers home (the latter not being free of charge for the ambulance service).

I am a Canadian who works in ED.

By  yeongji  |  29

I am not sure where you are from OP, but from where I am from, emergency departments do not send ambulances, neither do healthcare hotlines transfer calls to them to provide advice to callers. As for the paramedics, that remark is not professional whatsoever. I have seen a lot worse (like that one time when someone called an ambulance because of a pimple!), and no matter what the chief complaint is, they are not suppose to make remarks like that.

By  kimberbuckel  |  1

Where ARE you from ??? We don't roll that way in the good ol' USA. Heads would fly ??! I'm an ER trauma nurse and that violates SO many rights, and in SO many ways! And the paramedics??? Would probably lose their job at most. We treat our patients with a little more dignity! (could account for high cost med care here jkn really).

By  davecross  |  11

I've not familiar with medical hotlines but I don't think they should have sent an ambulance. If pneumonia was really bad then they should have advised you to go to the emergency room or told you some over the counter medication you could take and make a appointment with your dr and then go from there.

And if/when you get the bill for the ambulance send it to the medical hotline to pay

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