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By ProudAfricanHere - 14/8/2017 04:30
Today, my co-worker, a black woman born and raised in Oklahoma, rudely implied I shouldn't call myself african, even though I was born and raised in Cape Town, a city my family has lived in since its foundation. It seems the fact I am white is what troubles her about the whole situation. FML
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  Sandra Foran  |  10

Damn it! You beat me to this comment lol

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

She is of African ancestry but is not actually African, you are (presumably) of Dutch ancestry and can actually define yourself as being African. She is just being racist or stupid about history.

By  bee delivery  |  5

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  Nova Solarius  |  10

I'm not sure if you realize, but all humans are of African descent. It's where humans originate. Besides what does it matter if the co-worker is black? She is not African and has no right or reason to tell OP not to consider themselves African.

  Mungolikecandy  |  19

Using that criteria no one can state they are American other than Native Americans or those with Native American ancestry.

  Lemou_fml  |  25

"You're Danish? You don't look like one. Are you sure?"
"Yeah, quite sure. My family has been here for centuries and by judging your last name, your family haven't been in this country that long, but you perceive yourself a Dane and you say I'm not is what's wrong with this world." and I'm happy to continue my quest - you are what's wrong with this world.

  jttorkildson  |  21

You don't get to decide what people's history is based on their skin color. What you are saying about a white person not being entitled to her own family history because of her skin color is pretty prejudiced.

  bee delivery  |  5

"everyone" originated from africa thousands of years ago. black people in america came here within the last couple hundred of years - same with white south africans. again, completely obtuse and missing the point. also, sad to see that i'm "what's wrong with this world" when we currently have literal nazis traipsing about in virginia killing people. snooze. lots of white people in this thread trying to explain racism.

  thedon6191  |  13

Your comment is spot on and I don't understand why you are getting so many down votes.

If OP identified herself as being from Africa, there wouldn't be a problem. But to classify yourself as being African denotes that you are of Negroid heritage, which she is not. The same way someone being born in Asia does not make them Asian if they are not of Mongoloid heritage.

OP is of European or Caucasoid heritage. regardless of how long OPs family lived in Africa, she is not of African heritage. While the subject of the post should not tell OP how to live her life, she is not wrong for suggesting OP not refer to herself as African despite being from Africa.

  shadowl  |  11

So what word would you have OP use to describe what continent they are from? Does it have to be 'I am from Africa' or do you allow 'African' there? I don't think OP is trying to invoke some ethnicity thing, but merely stating where they're from. You can't say you're European if you or your parents and grandparents have never set foot there.

  Mungolikecandy  |  19

The problem is that your definition of it appears to be that only people historically from an area can say they are from that area which raises very troubling precedents and gives some of the arguments that racists do use validity.

By  colibrius  |  30

Ok so, what color do you to be, to have the right to call yourself European or South American ?
It's always the same story with Africa... Can't you just not forget that Africa = continent and not ethnicity ?!

By  at0micmin3r  |  23

Racist bigot is what she is. Defining someone by the color of their skin. (And if someone is white, white is still a color. Don't argue with me please) Sounds familiar!

  bubbles8365  |  8

If her family hasnt seen Africa in 2 centuries, then shes of African descent but she's hardly African. More so American, if that's where she was born and raised.