This is a Nearly FML. It’s an FML, nearly. It got positive votes from the users, by wasn’t approved by our team.
By Anonymous / Wednesday 26 December 2018 04:00 /
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By  manb91uk  |  22

So, you had an opportunity to be the bigger person and not be a knob. You didn't take it and now you want sympathy?

I have a feeling that's not gonna happen...

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  26

I feel sorry for the kid since his brother is dying, but if the two of you go at each other because of bracelets, you both need to change your attitudes. You could have been the bigger person, ignoring his jokes, and he would have eventually gotten bored from not getting under you skin, however to turn around and say his own bracelet was shit makes you a part of the problem. Did you not find it a bit odd that, after joking about your bracelet, that he'd suddenly start wearing his own? Then again, your generation does have a tendency to run their mouths without thinking, and it's sad to see it keep happening, given that it's my generation that raised you, and they really should know better.

  alycion  |  32

It did. We allowed it to get worse and some became parents who let their children get worse.

I’m all for standing up for yourself. But do it at the time of the incident. And throwing the same insult back will always blow up in your face.

  T1A2Z3  |  33

I think it's just poor grammar on the OP's part. I think there is supposed to be a comma, and that the boy was wearing a bracelet, not the OP. The boy was always making fun of OP so OP made fun of his bracelet.


If that's what you took from my comment, read it again. I'm not denying bullying didn't exist when I was a kid, I know all too well it did. I was pointing out that my generation had a chance to make it better, and those of us who have had kids didn't do anything to help, and that it's still rife.

By  Shaik Shamir  |  7

You never should've never done it but its too late now and you need to double down.

By  Sinshine  |  25

Even if it was just some random crappy bracelet, 'your bracelet is shit' kinda is the lamest thing to say and should get you laughed out of the room.