By missblair - 04/04/2009 07:41 - United States

Today, I went and got a spray on tan. I forgot to push the hair cap up. A few hours later, I was completely tan, except for the top half of my forehead was pasty white. It will last for five days. FML
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missblair tells us more.

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The tan actually looked really good, not orange. And I don't go tanning all the time. That was the first time ever. Just wanted to for prom. And I did get front bangs.

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YDI for getting a spray-on tan. They look ugly and extremely fake.

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Time for bangs...


hahahaha that's why i live on the edge and soak up the skin cancer.

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Tans are pointless no matter how you get them.

use foundation. easyyy

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Time for bangs...

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Shut the fuck up, 1

i'm so glad my body produces the adequate amount of melanin needed to look awesome.

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i concur

in the summer, I become Mexican!!! hooray for good genes!!!

fuck u 5 and 98

YDI for getting a spray-on tan. They look ugly and extremely fake.

its their choice, not yours.

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everyone is entitled to their own opinion ;) i do agree that they make you look gross though. almost like an oompa loompa

Or a walking sweet potato

AND you're probably orange now! FYL!

why don't you go outside and get some sunlight it looks a lot better

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HAHAHAHAHA! Fail! Go and let them hand spray the rest of your head!


I had the same reaction!

it could have been a graduated tan