By bloodprincess - 25/06/2013 17:13 - United States

Today, I was sitting on the couch with my family. They didn't even notice me there until the dog started barking at me because I took his spot. My mom defended the dog, and now I'm sitting on the floor while a Pomeranian takes up half the couch for himself. FML
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bloodprincess 11

I'm really quiet and well my family chooses to ignore me unless it is time for house work.

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yawateverok 10

well the dog outbarked u hahahah

Actually it could be pretty funny if they were both barking at eachother if you think about it.

Damian95 16

That was a bitch joke. Leave the shitty puns to the big dogs... pup.

Why don't you just put it on your lap?

My mother loves her dogs more than her own daughter, also. You've just gotta learn to accept that the Pomeranian has more control than you do. Might as well get on all fours and let it dominate you. That's what I do

"He's got a little 'Irish leg hound' in him. Best to just let him finish..."

gotta toughen up and stand up for yourself OP otherwise people will trample on you every chance they get.

That's what you do, 6? I happen to have the perfect date for you from few FMLs back, if you are interested

#46 Hook us up! #47 Whatever you're thinking, it's probably correct.

YDI for letting a Pomeranian take your spot. If my family had one and it barked at me because I was in its spot, I'd punt it across the damn room.

InfamousRaider 15

I'm thinking to myself "how did they not notice that someone was sitting on the couch?" I am like seriously!?

bloodprincess 11

I'm really quiet and well my family chooses to ignore me unless it is time for house work.

buy him his own bed(: then he can have his own spot in the living room

Be thankfull it isn't a cat, or you'll be in another room!

Um I don't what cats your talking about but mine are certainly not like that.

No one was talking about your cats specifically.

flashback.miss 28

The bitch should've sat on the floor. The dog, too. But you should use your invisibility power to have a little fun with your family.

What the **** is going on in your profile picture?

Rei_Ayanami 18

It would appear to be a leech, #28.

KVKdragon 26

I think it's a glob of jelly specially placed over the iris of a human eye to make it seem like the eyeball was pierced with its contents spilling out or there is some sort of foreign creature violating the proximity of the eyeball. Still looks wrong though *~*

I think I just puked alittle looking at your picture @_@ what is seen, cannot be unseen!

52 - Um, yea...I'm thinking it's a leech.

rg350dx 29

Apparently that Pomeranian thinks you're his bitch.

jojimugo 20

I think it's time for you to sit your family down and talk about some stuff cause something is not right

olpally 32

Stand up to your mom. Wtf is this bullshit? It's a ******* dog. Your mom is a whack job.

If you don't she will always treat you like shit. Trust me on this one!