This is a Nearly FML. It’s an FML, nearly. It got positive votes from the users, by wasn’t approved by our team.
By Fred - / Saturday 27 June 2009 01:32 / United States
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  audiogasmic  |  0

i'm going to have to say this is fake..how the hell could you possibly not know? wouldn't you be receiving notifications from them as well?

maybe you just didn't explain all the details or something. either way, you suck. cheating on your wife = 1 way ticket to karma hell. enjoy it, asshole.

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Yeah,because that makes sense.

  wsDK_II  |  0

It is implied you moron! This cheating rat will hopefully get an STI that causes him to go to the hospital, where he will be wrongly injected with an ammount of anything that causes a long and very painful demise to a vegitative state. I want to walk past this guy in 20 years and see him begging for money, lying in a ditch somewhere in the africa.

  genius_man16  |  0

It never says he SLEPT with the girl Janet, he could have just gone out with her. It's possible he just was friends with her (although doubtful because that wasn't in the post) or maybe it was a different kind of cheating where there was no sex but he went out on a date with another woman? It's still bad, but not really super terrible or divorce worthy.

  twist_n_shout  |  0

Going on a date with someone else is totally cheating and totally divorce-worthy! And I'm pretty sure that if Janet was just a friend of the OP's, she wouldn't have been part of the FML.

  sickinlove13  |  0

We're assuming he cheated on his wife because he stated that he went on a date Saturday with another female whom isn't his wife. Then, he continued to say that his wife saw the calendar that's "synchronized throughout the whole building". Otherwise, what's the big deal?

  testing_fml  |  0

What's divorce-worthy and not is up to the people involved in the marriage, not random internet boy #43. To a lot of people, all kinds of cheating are a big deal and divorce-worthy.

By  HockeyFanNick  |  4

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  xHaniffax  |  0

That's exactly what I was thinking
You put a date in your diary for when you have sex?!
I hope your wife dumped your cheating ass
and not only that
you were dumb enough to write it down!!

  gorguz14evar  |  0

Well I understand why he is schedueling.
He doesn't want to accidently call the wrong girls name in the middle of sex now does he?
Hes being prepared to not sleep on the couch. ;)

  highlightthat  |  0

but if you're going to put that on a calendar at least put: meeting janet or something, not having sex with her on your calendar! if you're going to do something wrong, never leave a paper trail idiot