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By  Kurliez408  |  30

doctors treat the problem you came in with, they can't be expected to comment on everything that seems wrong. this doctor probably guessed that you're aware of being underweight (which you are).
also really depends on the type of doctor. my orthopedist never commented on my asthmatic cough, even though it's very noticeable.


My pediatrician never said anything when I was underweight, but once I gained weight and got back to what I was supposed to be, he shows me the chart of my growth over the years, and said he was a little worried then, but I was fine now. I was 30 pounds underweight.

By  Glowworm56  |  25

Maybe you were still healthy despite being "underweight." I'm still slightly under the 100 pounds mark yet I'm in my late 20's and the doctors never bat an eye at it.

By  GhostFox  |  33

I'm guessing that OP wanted the doctor to mention it so that they could rule out health problems- like cancer- if the weight loss was sudden, or so that they could discuss getting back up to a healthy weight without making them self sicker. Because if you are underweight, you can't just go and gorge yourself on junk food- it causes GI upset and rapid weight loss and gain can cause inflammation in various parts of the body.

That said, the doctor might not have brought it up if OP was close to being within healthy range, which means that it would have been OP's responsibility to do so.

By  WaterMoccasin  |  5

What my doctor told me is that it doesn't matter as much if you are overweight or underweight, because everybody's different and it's generally fine as long as you follow a similar growth pattern. Maybe you should ask your doctor if you're worried?

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